American Expats in UAE Ready for 4th of July Celebrations

Despite the scorching heat in the UAE, American expats residing in the country are determined not to miss out on celebrating the Fourth of July. This significant day commemorates the Declaration of Independence.

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Title: "American Expats in Dubai: Celebrating Fourth of July in the UAE"

when 13 American colonies broke free from British rule on July 4, 1776. Mark Vicente, a Dubai resident from New York and the organizer of the community group 'American Expats in Dubai (AED),' shared that this year's celebrations will be held on July 8, Saturday, at Publique in Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Scores of Americans from diverse backgrounds are expected to gather for an evening of Independence Day festivities.

Indulging in American Delicacies: A Taste of Summer

Dan Wanies, who will be participating in the celebrations with his family, expressed their excitement for the occasion. He mentioned that the event will feature gourmet options of traditional American staples, including elevated versions of Wagyu Burger, Angus Hotdog, Buffalo Wings, Chili Con Carne, and more. While they might miss the typical highlights of celebrating in the US, like barbecues and fireworks, they intend to savor American food during their feast.

Entertainment and Photo Opportunities

The Saturday party will not only offer delectable American cuisine but also include activities like karaoke singing of traditional American freedom songs and picture opportunities with American-themed decorations. The chosen location, Madinat Jumeirah, promises a pleasant outdoor ambiance.

Multiple Celebrations for Some American Expats

For Frances Ames, a Dubai mom into asset management, the Fourth of July is being celebrated for the third and fourth times in a year. They initially celebrate it at their kids' school during the International Day celebration in January. In February, Frances was among hundreds of US expats, diplomats, and friends of the US who commemorated Independence Day in advance, acknowledging the hot summer months when many Americans are away on vacation. This year, they plan to celebrate the actual day on Tuesday with a family birthday party combined with America's birthday festivities, including traditional American desserts and picnic foods. Though they will miss watching the parade in the US, they look forward to celebrating back home in Dubai with a traditional BBQ before traveling to Massachusetts on July 8 ,As American expats unite to celebrate their nation's independence in Dubai, the spirit of patriotism and togetherness prevails, bridging the geographical gap between their homeland and the UAE.

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