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Dubai's beaches are gearing up to stay immaculate and extend their allure around the clock, seven days a week, with the municipality's civic body forming a new team to ensure cleanliness on public beaches.

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Radiant Dubai: Efforts to Ensure Clean and Pristine Public Beaches

The Dubai Municipality announced on Monday that it has allocated a field team of 12 employees to oversee 72 sanitation workers who will work round the clock to maintain the cleanliness of Dubai's public beaches, enhance their sustainability, and provide a distinctive experience for visitors, citizens, and residents , This initiative aligns with the continuous efforts of the Dubai Municipality to provide the best services to preserve the beauty, sustainability, aesthetics, and tourist attractions of Dubai, while ensuring the highest levels of comfort, well-being, and quality of life for its visitors. It is in line with the visionary leadership's goal of making Dubai the world's best city to live and visit, and one of the leading cities in cleanliness.

Allocation of Workers and Equipment for Beach Cleaning

Saeed Abdul Rahim Safar, Acting Director of Waste Management Operations at the Dubai Municipality, stated, "We have appointed a field team to monitor the cleanliness of Dubai's beaches, which extend over more than 19 kilometers around the clock. This team is equipped with 13 modern vehicles and equipment that enhance rapid response to communication and emergency cases. According to a comprehensive operational plan divided into three daily work shifts, cleaning operations will also be conducted on the beaches" , Deira and Bur Dubai beaches will be covered by 48 workers, while the beaches of Mamzar will be covered by 24 workers. To ensure the environmental sustainability and cleanliness of the city, as well as to enhance the attractiveness and beauty of Dubai's beaches, which are among the world's top tourist destinations, the Dubai Municipality is committed to managing waste operations and cleaning processes comprehensively by providing integrated municipal services in various facilities and areas of the emirate.

Ensuring the Highest Standards of Cleanliness on the Beaches

To ensure the highest levels of cleanliness on the beaches, the municipality has provided 216 waste collection facilities along Deira and Bur Dubai beaches, positioned 50 meters apart and visibly accessible to all visitors. This has been done to ensure the completion of tasks quickly and efficiently. In addition, the field teams also monitor the provision of cleaning services on the newly launched night beaches in Jumeirah 2, Jumeirah 3, and Umm Suqeim 1, with a total length of 800 meters available for night swimming, as stated by Safar , Furthermore, in addition to allocating resources and modern equipment to handle all emergency cases on the beaches, the Dubai Municipality has established a team to deal with emergency situations and reports related to waste management and cleaning operations. This team will ensure swift coordination, direct communication, and immediate response in tackling such cases.

Community Cleaning Efforts

During the first half of 2023, the municipality implemented 63 community volunteer activities involving more than 2,165 volunteers as part of the "Clean with Us" initiative, which the municipality has been conducting since 2017. The aim of these activities is to maintain the cleanliness of public beaches while promoting individuals' social responsibility towards environmental sustainability and city cleanliness , To uphold general cleanliness, the Dubai Municipality strives to incorporate public suggestions into new programs and projects. It also aims to apply the best practices and current methods in beach cleaning worldwide.

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