Ajman Building Fire: Residents Return to 225 Apartments

Following a week-long period since a massive fire engulfed a residential tower in Ajman, residents of 225 apartments have now been able to return to their homes. The Ajman Police extended a warm welcome to the families, expressing their support and presenting them with beautiful flower bouquets.

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Residents Return Home After Tower Fire Incident in Ajman

A heartwarming video shared by the police showcased officers going door-to-door, personally greeting the returning residents and showing genuine concern for their well-being. They engaged in conversations, inquiring about their safety and ensuring that they felt reassured.

Successful Control of Tower Fire at Ajman One Complex

In the early hours of June 27, a devastating fire broke out in Tower 02 of the Ajman One complex. Thanks to the swift response of the civil defence and police teams, the fire was successfully contained and extinguished, averting further damage to the residential building , Ghaith Khalifa Al-Kaabi, the head of the Comprehensive City Police Center, provided clarity on the incident, stating that the fire originated on the 16th floor of the 32-storey tower. Remarkably, the residents were promptly evacuated without any reported injuries, showcasing the effectiveness of the evacuation procedures.

Collaborative Efforts in Supporting Affected Residents

With the assistance of specialized personnel, the civil defence forces effectively managed to control the fire, demonstrating their preparedness and efficiency. In a joint effort, the Emirates Red Crescent Authority and the Ajman Charitable Business Association worked together to relocate the 810 affected individuals to hotel apartments, ensuring that everyone was provided with alternative accommodation during this challenging time , According to official reports from the police, the fire caused damage to a total of 64 apartments and ten vehicles. To aid in the transportation of residents, the emirate's Transport Authority, in collaboration with the Red Crescent, arranged for seven buses to transport them from Tower 02 to hotels located in Ajman and Sharjah.

Mobile Police Station Ensures Residents' Needs are Addressed

To facilitate the reporting of losses and provide essential services, a mobile police station was swiftly deployed to the accident site. This mobile station operated tirelessly for four consecutive days, functioning round the clock to cater to the needs of affected residents and nearby individuals. Its presence eliminated the necessity for residents to travel to a police station, ensuring convenience during a challenging period , During its operation, the mobile police station issued a total of 52 certificates to those in need. These included 13 vehicle damage reports, 7 proof certificates, and 31 property damage certificates for the affected apartments. These certificates played a crucial role in safeguarding residents' rights and aiding in their secure return to their homes.

Appreciation for Collaborative Efforts in Managing the Fire Incident

Ghaith Al-Kaabi expressed his gratitude to the Civil Defence Department, the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, and the Ajman Charitable Business Association for their unwavering cooperation and extraordinary efforts in controlling the fire. Their collaboration extended to transportation and housing arrangements for the affected residents, as well as the diligent follow-up of their affairs in hotels. These collective efforts played a vital role in reinforcing the region's security and stability.

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