Address Sky View Hotel Guide in Dubai

Dubai tops the list of the world's most prominent and most visited tourist cities for several reasons, including its amazing events and festivals, its fun, entertainment, and adventure destinations, and its sophistication and high style. Dubai needed hotels, resorts, and lodging developments to accommodate the growing number of tourists. This page is a thorough guide to the Address Sky View Hotel's amenities to enhance your experience.

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About Address Sky View Hotel

The Address Hotels and Resorts brand, one of Dubai's and the world's most recognized luxury hotel businesses, includes the Address Sky View Hotel. Dubai's 5-star hotel.

It overlooks Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Dancing Fountain, and other top tourist attractions in downtown Dubai. The hotel has a broad choice of magnificent rooms and suites with the newest technology and contemporary conveniences, all of which are elegantly furnished.

The hotel's main restaurant provides world cuisine and has a wide array of eateries to suit all preferences.

Address Sky View Hotel also has a rooftop pool with city views.

The hotel has a spa and a fitness center with the newest technology.

Hotel overview

  • Hotel rating: 5 stars
  • Owner: Address Hotels and Resorts
  • Location of Address Sky View Hotel Dubai: Downtown Dubai
  • Hotel units type: hotel rooms and suites, hotel rooms
  • Facilities: Restaurants, swimming pools, gym, spa facilities for men and women, tennis courts, children's play area, leisure center and private beach
  • Opening date: 2020
  • Services: Reception, multilingual staff, car rental, Wi-Fi, laundry service, currency exchange
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Parking is available

Address Sky View Hotel facilities in Dubai

The Address Sky View Hotel hosts many service and entertainment facilities, and we will talk about them in the following lines.


The Address Sky View Hotel Dubai's swimming pool is spacious with glass edges, and occupies a privileged location on the famous Sky platform that provides stunning views and the possibility to enjoy the sun and relax.

There are also wonderful seating areas around it and a place to buy drinks in the pool, in addition to places that give more privacy.

It should be noted that entry is permitted for those over 18 years of age who are guests of the hotel.

Location: Sky platform
Working hours: 09:00 am - 07:00 pm

Fitness Center

The fitness center at Address Sky View is equipped with the latest sports equipment to make it easier for visitors to exercise, not to mention that it includes a specialized team of personal trainers, and a juice stand.

Personal training sessions and fitness classes are also available, in addition to views of Burj Khalifa during the exercises.

Location: first floor
Opening hours: around the clock
Contact: 04 873 8886

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