Abu Dhabi's Solar-Powered Rest Areas for Delivery Riders

To provide essential relief from the scorching summer heat, Abu Dhabi has introduced three solar-powered rest areas for delivery riders. In collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and Talabat

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Solar-Powered Rest Areas Offer Respite for Delivery Riders in Abu Dhabi

the Joint Committee for Traffic Safety aims to support both worker comfort and the nation's environmental goals through the Summer Together campaign. These locally built shelters, provided by Smart Energy Solutions, are equipped with air-conditioning, seating, water dispensers, and mobile charging facilities. Operating around the clock, the rest areas use rechargeable batteries to reduce carbon emissions. They also feature shaded parking spaces for bikes and an air pump to check tire pressure.

Partnership Promotes Rider Safety and Sustainability

Under the Summer Together campaign, the initiative aligns with the UAE's sustainability efforts, while prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of delivery riders. Susanne Stulemeijer, Vice President of Communications, Public Affairs, and Corporate Responsibility at Talabat, expresses gratitude for the collaboration with the Joint Committee for Traffic Safety. This partnership allows them to explore and implement sustainable solutions for rider safety and foster environmentally friendly practices. Talabat aims to set a benchmark by introducing innovative alternatives and emphasizes that the rest areas and summer buses are open to all delivery riders.

Dubai's Plans for Similar Rest Areas and Rider Welfare

Following Abu Dhabi's initiative, Dubai has announced plans to establish similar rest areas for delivery riders. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has issued a tender to construct three integrated rest stops across the city. These stations, located strategically near major areas, will provide riders with essential services such as maintenance, refueling, rest areas, and dining options. The RTA also intends to offer educational material on public safety and quality regulations at these sites, further enhancing rider welfare.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai's Efforts to Boost Rider Safety

In their commitment to improving rider safety, both Abu Dhabi and Dubai have implemented measures to enhance road safety for delivery bike riders. Abu Dhabi's Joint Committee for Traffic Safety recently introduced rules that prohibit riders from occupying the left-hand lane on roads with speed limits of 100kph or higher. This measure aims to increase safety by requiring riders to stay in the right-hand lanes. Similarly, Dubai launched the Riders' Corner Initiative, providing welfare support to delivery bikers. The initiative offers free periodic health check-ups, including screenings, eye tests, and vitamin supplements, to enhance the working lives of delivery riders , By implementing these measures and initiatives, Abu Dhabi and Dubai demonstrate their commitment to the safety, wellbeing, and sustainability of delivery riders, ensuring a supportive and conducive working environment.

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