Abu Dhabi summer season 2023

Abu Dhabi residents eagerly await the 2023 Abu Dhabi Summer Season! Under the theme "One summer is not enough," Abu Dhabi announces spectacular events and promotions for the upcoming summer season. Abu Dhabi summer activities include international performances, interactive theatrical shows, live concerts, and many other entertainment events. It lets families have fun in several Abu Dhabi locations. “One summer is not enough” is the Abu Dhabi Summer Season 2023. This page covers all the unique Abu Dhabi summer activities.

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About the Abu Dhabi summer season


The Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority supervises the Abu Dhabi Summer Season, which lasts throughout the summer in the capital. The idea of launching the Abu Dhabi summer season “one summer is not enough” came to revive the tourism and entertainment sector in the capital during the summer period, which will qualify Abu Dhabi to be one of the suitable tourist destinations to travel with.

Children, as there is an abundance of family attractions, in addition to supporting the hotel sector, as some Abu Dhabi hotels participate in the activities of Abu Dhabi 2023 by launching overnight offers in luxury Abu Dhabi hotels in conjunction with the season period.

The Department of Culture and Tourism launched a promotional campaign, One Summer Is Not Enough, to highlight the exceptional entertainment and cultural experiences in Abu Dhabi, in addition to the amazing offers during this season.

This campaign aims to attract 24 million visitors by the end of 2023.

Abu Dhabi Children's Events 2023 is the most brilliant compared to the annual events in Abu Dhabi, as it is full of promotions and discounts offered by:

  • Abu Dhabi malls
  • Tourist destinations and amusement parks in Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi hotels
  • Abu Dhabi restaurants

As we mentioned earlier, the Abu Dhabi Summer 2023 events include international performances, interactive plays, and live and free music that are held in separate places in the capital and its suburbs within the Abu Dhabi Summer Season.

Activities and events during the summer season in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Summer 2023 events are not limited to entertainment and promotional offers only, but the entertainment cities in Abu Dhabi provide special offers in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi summer season, and a group of prominent tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi have offered exceptional offers during Abu Dhabi summer. Here are some details of the offers on the Abu Dhabi 2023 calendar.

Visiting the sights in Abu Dhabi

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi includes a large group of tourist attractions that must be visited, even for one time only, and examples of them are Sol Beach, which extends for a kilometer along the beautiful beaches of Saadiyat Island, in addition to visiting the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum, which is one of the most beautiful museums ever, along with the Emirates Palace.

Which is one of the prominent landmarks in Abu Dhabi and in which the Arab heritage is mixed with the latest technological developments. You can also visit Qasr Al Watan, which is part of the UAE presidential palace complex and serves as an ancient cultural landmark that attracts visitors to discover the legacy of knowledge and ancient traditions that shaped the country!

Other places to visit during Abu Dhabi summer 2023 are Saadiyat Beach Club, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Yas Marina Circuit.

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