Abu Dhabi Police Shares Crash Video, Urges Tire Checks

Abu Dhabi Police recently released footage showcasing an accident caused by a car equipped with substandard tyres. The force emphasized the importance of regular tyre checks and urged motorists to refrain from driving with worn or damaged tyres, which can have severe consequences.

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Safety Reminder: Regular Tyre Inspections Are Vital

In their efforts to raise awareness, authorities shared a video capturing a car colliding with a road barrier in the central reservation after a tyre suddenly burst. The driver lost control of the vehicle, swerving across four motorway lanes and ultimately colliding with another car before coming to a stop at the barrier. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for motorists to diligently inspect their tyres, particularly during periods of high summer temperatures.

Comprehensive Tyre Checks: A Crucial Step for Motorists

Abu Dhabi Police emphasized the significance of assessing tyre quality, checking the year of manufacture, and ensuring that tyres are in optimal condition before embarking on long road trips. They highlighted the potential for serious traffic accidents resulting from tyre bursts, particularly during the scorching summer months. Motorists are urged to prioritize the examination of their tyres and promptly address any damage or cracks.

Consequences for Negligent Tyre Maintenance

Motorists found driving with worn or damaged tyres face strict penalties. They will be subjected to a fine of Dh500 ($136) and receive four black points on their driving license. Additionally, their vehicle will be impounded for a week. These stringent measures underscore the authorities' commitment to promoting road safety through responsible tyre maintenance.

Experts Emphasize Regular Tyre Pressure Checks and Tread Inspections

Ryan Hughes, the CEO of Dubai-based RMA Motors, emphasized the importance of monitoring tyre pressure to optimize fuel efficiency and minimize wear and tear. He advised motorists to conduct monthly checks, as irregularities may not always be detected by tyre pressure warning systems. Hughes also stressed the significance of inspecting tyre tread, ensuring it meets the legal limit of 1.6mm, and considering replacement if the tread depth falls below 3mm.

Promoting Road Safety through Social Media Awareness

Police authorities frequently share crash videos on social media platforms to drive home the importance of adhering to traffic regulations. By raising awareness of the potential consequences of neglecting tyre maintenance, they aim to encourage responsible driving practices among motorists. This video release aligns with the Ministry of Interior's Safe Summer campaign, which seeks to reduce the likelihood of accidents by promoting adherence to road rules.

Addressing the Reality: Faulty Tyres and Traffic Accidents

Figures from the Ministry of Interior highlight the alarming statistic that faulty tyres were responsible for 11 traffic accidents in the UAE last year. This data underscores the urgent need for motorists to prioritize tyre maintenance and ensure their vehicles are equipped with high-quality and roadworthy tyres. By doing so, they contribute to enhancing road safety for themselves and others.

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