A walkthrough of the Snapchat app and how to use it

This article provides instructions on how to use the Snapchat app. You may get started by downloading and setting up the application, followed by establishing an account for it.

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How to use snapchat

Description of the Snapchat app. The Snapchat application is one of the applications that has been very popular among users, particularly celebrities, so you find the Snapchat platform to be one of the first platforms frequented by celebrities, and they start publishing their diaries on it in an attempt to share their interests and diaries with the people who follow them on Snapchat.

Information about Snapchat

One of the social networking programs that may be used to record, broadcast, and share movies and photographs with followers is Snapchat. This application is used to communicate with Snapchat users.

However, despite his age, he was born in the year 1990.

The Snapchat program gives users the ability to snap photographs, record videos, annotate them with text, stickers, or drawings, and then share those creations to their personal journals, as well as to their friends and followers.

However, the video clips that are transmitted can only be up to ten seconds long each, and they are confined to a particular time restriction for each clip.

It is important to me that your privacy is protected, thus one of the things that I wanted to share with you is the fact that the images and videos that you send to your friends using Snapchat are not saved on the application servers after they have been sent, except for for a certain length of time, after which they are permanently wiped.

Also, the users of the Snapchat application have surpassed 250 million daily active users, according to the statistics provided by the Snapchat team itself, and more than 4 billion Snaps are sent each day, so the application justifies that you try to become one of the famous Snapchats so that you can impose your presence on social media platforms.


Snapchat interface and what buttons it contains

Before I start explaining the Snapchat application, you should know that this application contains basic elements and a control interface that contains a set of buttons, and I will mention them to you in the form of points at first, then I will explain to you the function of each one of them, so that you can use Snapchat correctly:

  1. The main interface of the application.
  2. camera interface.
  3. Function buttons specialized in taking photos or video clips with adding effects to them, which I will explain to you shortly.
  4. Chat section dedicated to correspondence between you and your friends.
  5. Diary list, which is shared by your friends.
  6. Your subscriptions list, where you can see what's being posted by the people and celebrities you follow.
  7. Settings section, through which you can control the privacy and settings of your account.
  8. Snapchat Map, which I will explain to you in a separate article because it needs a rather long explanation.
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