A Step by Step Guide on Slicing a Magnet

Magnets are helpful for a wide variety of crafts; but, what do you do if you need to chop one magnet up into smaller pieces? Continue reading for some helpful advice on how to cut a magnet in an even and tidy fashion using a range of cutting tools.

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Using a Paper Cutter

1- Get a strong letter opener.

Letter openers are stocked in almost every retail establishment that sells office supplies. Make sure that it says "heavy duty" on the label, as knives of this type are able to cut through thicker items more easily than standard blades. Knives that are more recent typically have blades that are sharper, which is essential for producing an equal cut.

How to Cut a Magnet
How to Cut a Magnet

2- Place the magnet on the letter opener.

Place the magnet flat on top of the strawberry base. If using magnetic sheet, place magnet side down. Keep the colored sticky side facing you.

3- Maintain the magnet's position with the help of the steel edge.

The magnet needs to be pushed to the edge of the paper cutter in order for it to stick to the steel edge that is underneath the blade. Maintain a firm grip on the magnet with your other hand.

4- Reduce the force applied to the blade to slice through the magnet.

Take a hold of the handle of the cutting blade. Applying force will cause the blade to fall onto the magnet. Make a swift, brief action toward bringing the blade down. Be rapid about this so that the blade can make a clean cut through the magnet.

  • When working with a paper cutter, exercise extreme caution. Stay away from the blade at all costs because it is extremely sharp. When the blade is not being used, ensure that it is completely retracted into its sheath.

Cutting with a Utility Knife

1- Put the magnet so that the flat side is facing down on the surface.

Find a table or some other location where there is sufficient space for you to reach the magnet and use that. If you are going to use an adhesive magnet, you should position the magnet so that it is facing down on the surface. Maintain the attached position of the adhesive backing.

2- You will need to cut along this line, so place a straight edge along it.

Because it is more resistant to damage from knives, a metal straight edge purchased from a home improvement store should be used. Your non-cutting hand should be used to hold the straight edge in a level position.

3- Your palm should be used to maintain a solid grip on the magnet.

Make a firm press with the hand that is not cutting. Your fingers should be used to hold the straight edge, and the rest of your hand should be used to keep the magnet in position. It is essential to carry out these steps in a way that results in a clean and secure incision into the magnet.

4- Make cuts in the magnet with the fresh cutter.

Any business that sells tools or home improvement supplies will likely carry utility knives. Always use a brand-new and sharp one. While maintaining the position of the straight edge, move the knife over the magnet using an up-and-down motion. Maintain sufficient pressure on the blade to sever the magnet.

  • Make sure that the knife is not being dragged directly towards your body by adjusting it so that it is not in this position. You should also think about wearing safety goggles made of polycarbonate in case the blade breaks.

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