2k24 release date , pre-order and latest news

Basketball aficionados, we have some good news: the release date for NBA 2K24 has been determined. Another year means that 2K Sports and Visual Concepts will be releasing another NBA video game.

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2k24 release date , pre-order and latest news

You won't have to wait much longer for the latest installment in the franchise, which is now 25 years old and will be centered on the late, great Kobe Bryant.

Yes, you did read that correctly; the NBA 2K games are now 25 years old, and to commemorate this significant achievement, the development team has chosen Kobe Bryant, possibly the most famous Most Valuable Player in basketball, to be the cover player for the game. To honour both of their legacies in this manner seems like it would be appropriate.

Basketball fans are getting even more of a special gift with the release of the 25th Anniversary Edition, which comes with a free NBA League Pass that will allow them to watch live matches of the actual sport for an entire year and more via a 12-month subscription.

Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the NBA 2K24 release date, including where to pre-order the game, which systems and platforms it is available on, new gameplay information, and where to pre-order it.

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When will the NBA 2K24 video game be available for purchase?

The developer of NBA 2K24 has stated that the date of the game's release will be September 8th, 2023.

It will launch on this day across all platforms, but the 25th Anniversary Edition will only be available until September 10th, so place your pre-order as soon as possible if you want to grab the free 12-month NBA League Pass subscription.

2k24 release date

2k24 pre-order

Currently, you currently have the ability to place a pre-order for NBA 2K24 on any platform of your choosing. To get a hard copy, you can stop by stores like GAME or Amazon, among other places.

It is important to note that purchases of the game made on Amazon come with a unique downloadable content (DLC) bundle that includes the following content: 2K Virtual Currency and one promo pack. This offer is only available on Amazon.

The fact that there are several distinct iterations of the game available adds another layer of complexity. Pre-orders of the game can be placed for either the Standard Edition or the Black Mamba Edition for physical collectors. The Black Mamba Edition comes with everything mentioned above in addition to the items listed below:You have the option of pre-ordering the Standard Kobe Bryant Edition, the Black Mamba Edition, or the 25th Anniversary Edition if you choose to play the game digitally. All of them are available on the digital marketplace of your choosing, or you can get them on CDKeys for a slightly lower price for Steam and Xbox.

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