What are the steps involved in creating an iCloud account?

You will be presented with the opportunity to create a new iCloud account when you are initially setting up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch for the first time. Follow the instructions that are provided below in order to create a fresh new account with iCloud:

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How do i make a new icloud

  1. on iPhone, iPad, or iPod
  2. iCloud on your device through the App Store

On iPhone, iPad, or iPod: You can create a new iCloud when you set up your device. In order to create a new iCloud account, do the following:

  • Click on “Forgot your password or I don't have an Apple ID”.
  • Click on Create a free Apple ID
  • Choose your date of birth (it is preferred that the birth option be correct) and click on your name and write your name and last name, then click on the next step
  • Click on “Use Your Existing Email” or click on “Get a New iCloud Email”
  • Follow the steps that appear on the screen in order to verify your e-mail, and create a strong password in order not to be hacked, preferably consisting of letters and numbers. In addition, you must set the location of your device, and set up two-factor authentication. In case you choose to skip this step. It will later ask you to do it in Settings.
  • We agree to the mentioned terms and click on the sites

iCloud on your device through the App Store

  • Open the App Store, sign in, and tap the "Account" icon in the upper-right corner
  • You can sign out of the old iCloud in order to create a new iCloud by choosing “Create a new Apple ID”
  • Now, follow all the instructions that appear to you on the screen, which includes entering your necessary details and information. Like the previous steps, you must verify your email, create a password that is not easily hacked, and set the location of your device. Enter credit card information. But no money will be withdrawn from you unless you shop online
  • Confirm your phone number, this will help you recover your account if you are hacked, do not ignore these steps because you may need them one day

Note: You can use each of your email addresses, including Gmail, in order to create an Apple ID account

How to make a new icloud on mac

  • Open the Apple menu, go to the Settings app on your Mac, and click “Sign In” at the top. In earlier versions of macOS, select the Apple menu, then click System Preferences
  • Click Sign In in the side menu on your Apple ID. On older versions of the Mac, click Sign In
  • Click on the option “Create a new Apple ID…”
  • Now, follow all the instructions that appear to you, and verify your phone number that you added. These steps are almost similar to the steps to create an iCloud account on the iPhone
  • Type your bank card information, then click Continue. You may also choose not to take these steps. But you will not be fined for any monetary value unless you buy something.
  • Check your email and make sure it is correct.

After verifying your email, you can use your Apple ID address to sign in to the Apple app and other Apple apps such as iCloud

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