UAE Declares 4-Month Suspension of Rice Exports

In a move to ensure an adequate supply of rice in the local market, the UAE's Ministry of Economy made an important announcement on Friday, temporarily suspending both exports and re-exports of rice

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UAE Ministry of Economy Temporarily Suspends Rice Exports to Ensure Local Supply

Ministerial Resolution No. 120 of 2023 outlines the four-month suspension period, which commences today. The decision aims to safeguard the availability of rice in the domestic market during this period.

Ban on Rice Exports and Re-exports from India

The Ministry's decision includes a specific ban on the exports and re-exports of rice originating from India and imported into the UAE, including free zones, after July 20, 2023. This suspension applies to all rice varieties falling under the unified customs tariff (1006), encompassing husked rice (brown rice), fully or partially milled rice, whether smoothed or polished, and broken rice.

Obtaining a Permit for Rice Exports or Re-exports

Companies intending to export or re-export rice, whether from India or any other source, must obtain a permit from the Ministry of Economy. The permit request must be supported by all relevant documents to verify shipment data, especially its origin. Upon issuance, the export permit will be valid for 30 days, during which the permit holders must complete necessary customs procedures. Requests for permits can be submitted electronically through e.economy@antidumping, or applicants can directly visit the Ministry of Economy's headquarters for submission.

Stabilizing Local Rice Prices and Prioritizing Consumer Welfare

The decision to temporarily suspend rice exports has been met with approval, as it is expected to stabilize rice prices in the local market. Kamal Vachani, group director and partner at Al Maya Group, welcomed the move, highlighting that with this measure, the availability of rice in the UAE will improve, and prices will remain steady. The Ministry's emphasis on consumer welfare is evident through this proactive step taken to secure a sufficient rice supply for the people of the UAE during the suspension period.

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