UAE Announces Penalties for Corporate Tax Rules Violations

The UAE's Ministry of Finance recently announced a significant development in the realm of corporate taxation, revealing a new Cabinet decision that delineates a list of corporate tax violations subject to administrative penalties

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UAE Ministry of Finance Introduces Administrative Penalties for Corporate Tax Violations

Effective from August 1, the decision, known as Cabinet Decision No. (75) of 2023, aims to ensure compliance with the UAE Corporate Tax Law, which was enacted in June. By imposing penalties on taxable individuals or entities that fail to meet their obligations under the law, the UAE seeks to bolster tax compliance and foster a business-friendly environment.

Specification of Corporate Tax Violations

The new Cabinet decision sets forth a clear framework for penalizing corporate tax violators, addressing three critical areas of concern. Firstly, penalties will be levied on entities that fail to file and pay Corporate Tax on time, emphasizing the importance of meeting tax deadlines promptly. Secondly, the decision holds registrants accountable for notifying the Federal Tax Authority about any case that necessitates amending the information related to their tax record held by the authority. Additionally, the decision introduces a novel structure for voluntary disclosure penalties, encouraging entities to proactively rectify any inadvertent tax-related errors or omissions.

Balancing Compliance and Business Support

The design of the Corporate Tax Law Penalties has been meticulously executed to strike a balance between enforcing compliance with the new tax law and ensuring it does not create an undue burden on UAE businesses. By aligning the penalties with international best practices and benchmarks, the UAE aims to facilitate the successful implementation of the Corporate Tax Law while fostering a conducive environment for sustainable economic growth in the country.

Undersecretary's Perspective on Tax Compliance

Younis Haji Al Khoori, undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, highlighted the significance of corporate tax compliance as a shared responsibility among all taxable entities. He emphasized that adhering to tax obligations supports the implementation of the corporate tax system in the UAE, aligning the nation with the highest global standards. Moreover, promoting tax compliance contributes to the UAE's goal of driving sustainable economic growth by providing a legislative environment that encourages businesses to meet their tax responsibilities while fostering a thriving business landscape.

Access to Corporate Tax Legislation Information

In line with its commitment to transparency, the Ministry of Finance provides accessibility to all relevant Cabinet and Ministerial Decisions, as well as comprehensive information pertaining to the Corporate Tax Law, on its official website ( The availability of these resources enables individuals and businesses to stay informed and comply with the updated tax regulations in the UAE.

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