Sharjah Taxi Trials Chinese Skywell Electric Vehicle

Evaluating the Potential: Sharjah Taxi Trials Chinese Skywell Electric Vehicles , Sharjah Taxi, under the umbrella of Osool Transport Solutions, has embarked on testing Chinese Skywell electric vehicles for its premium limousine service.

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Sharjah Taxi Embraces Electric Vehicle Testing to Achieve Carbon-Free Public Transportation

The trials, which began in early June at Sharjah International Airport, aim to assess the advantages and suitability of Skywell EVs for their luxury fleet, focusing on comfort, safety, and security standards. The move follows Dubai Taxi Corporation's earlier announcement of a three-month trial of the Skywell SUV model to evaluate its compatibility with their fleet. As the popularity of Chinese cars grows in the UAE, Sharjah Taxi is making strides towards environmental sustainability by expanding electric charging stations across the emirate, aligning with the UAE's vision to have 50% electric vehicles on the roads by 2050.

A Step Towards Sustainability: Sharjah Taxi's Green Initiatives

In line with their commitment to environmentally friendly transportation, Sharjah Taxi aims to achieve carbon-free public transportation by 2050. They have already taken significant steps in this direction by adding 10 Tesla Model 3 cars to their ranks in March. Moreover, Sharjah Taxi announced plans in October to convert 60% of its fleet to hybrid vehicles by the end of 2022, contributing to the larger goal of transitioning all vehicles to eco-friendly means. As part of Osool Transport Solutions, a subsidiary of Sharjah Asset Management, the company's dedication to sustainability and environmental preservation is evident through the exploration of electric vehicle models like the Skywell ET5 SUV, which boasts a range of 520km and rapid charging capabilities.

Growing Popularity of Chinese Cars in the UAE

The UAE has witnessed a significant surge in the popularity of Chinese cars in recent months. MG, a Chinese car manufacturer, has emerged as the fourth highest-selling brand in the Emirates from January to March, indicating the growing preference for Chinese vehicles among consumers. To capitalize on this trend and contribute to the UAE's vision of embracing electric mobility, Sharjah Taxi and Dubai Taxi Corporation are actively evaluating the suitability of Chinese electric vehicles for their respective fleets. As the country embraces the transition to eco-friendly transportation, the testing of EV models like the Skywell ET5 SUV and the expansion of electric charging stations reflect the commitment of these transportation providers towards a greener and sustainable future.

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