Sharjah Airport Set for Dh2.4b Expansion

Sharjah Airport witnessed a remarkable surge in passenger traffic, with a 24.4 percent year-on-year increase, totaling seven million passengers during the first half of 2023.

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Sharjah Airport Reports Strong Passenger and Cargo Growth

The airport, currently undergoing a significant expansion project worth Dh2.4 billion, aims to enhance service standards and accommodate up to 20 million passengers in the coming years. Cargo operations at the airport also experienced substantial growth. Sharjah Airport managed over 70,000 tons of cargo, including 6,000 tons of sea-air cargo. These achievements reflect the relentless efforts of the Sharjah Airport Authority to exceed passenger expectations and elevate the airport's status as one of the region's top five airports, renowned for delivering exceptional travel experiences.

Sharjah Airport's Expansion Project and Ambitious Goals

Sharjah Airport's ongoing expansion project, scheduled for completion by 2026, aims to significantly enhance service capacity and flight operations. With a focus on elevating service standards and attracting more airline customers, particularly from Europe and East Asia markets, the airport anticipates continued growth. As the home base of Air Arabia, a leading low-cost carrier in the region, Sharjah Airport successfully handled over 70,000 tons of cargo, including 6,000 tons of sea-air cargo. Ali Salim Al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah Airport Authority, emphasized that these accomplishments align with the authority's strategic objectives of strengthening the airport's position and driving sustainable growth in the aviation and cargo sectors.

Successful Collaboration and Seamless Operations at Sharjah Airport

The surge in air traffic at Sharjah Airport is a testament to the fruitful collaboration between the airport authority and its airline partners. The commitment to delivering seamless operations and exceptional facilities and digital services has been instrumental in providing an outstanding experience to customers. These achievements further solidify Sharjah Airport's reputation as a reliable and efficient cargo hub, reinforcing its pivotal role in facilitating trade and logistics operations. The airport also witnessed a notable increase of 14 percent in flights, totaling over 46,900 flights during the period, emphasizing its essential contribution to the region's aviation sector.

Advancements in Facilities and Expansion of Destination Network

In its pursuit of exceptional customer experiences, Sharjah Airport completed a maintenance program in the passenger terminal, including the arrivals terminal, in 2022. This initiative aimed to further enhance the overall customer experience at the airport. With a continuous focus on growth, the airport authority announced the addition of six flight destinations and three air cargo destinations. The new flight destinations include Kuala Lumpur, Ufa City, Samara City, Lar, Indore, and Bangkok, while the air cargo destinations include Houston, Kigali, and Nashik. These additions aim to strengthen commercial ties, contribute to the economic expansion of Sharjah and the UAE, and enhance global connectivity through sustainable growth.

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