RAKBank Q2 Profit Up 47% Amid Continued Economic Resurgence

National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah (RAKBank) recorded a remarkable 47 per cent increase in its net profit for the second quarter, benefitting from a surge in interest and non-interest income amidst the continued economic momentum in the UAE.

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RAKBank Reports Strong Q2 Performance Amid UAE's Economic Momentum

The bank's net income for the three months ending June reached Dh450.5 million ($122.8 million), marking its highest quarterly earnings since 2015. Total income for the reporting period also showed substantial growth, climbing by approximately 40 per cent to Dh1.12 billion. The surge in net interest income and proceeds from Islamic financing, which amounted to Dh828.4 million, played a significant role in boosting the quarterly profit.

UAE Banks Benefit from Rising Interest Rates and Robust Fiscal Policies

Banks in the UAE, like their regional counterparts, have been beneficiaries of rising interest rates. The country's strong fiscal and monetary policy decisions have helped maintain a robust economy, and the banking sector has seen positive results across various segments and customer bases. The central banks in the GCC peg their currencies to the US dollar and follow the Federal Reserve's lead on interest-rate increases, contributing to the favorable conditions for financial institutions.

RAKBank's Strong Q2 Earnings Reflect UAE's Economic Momentum, H1 Net Income Reaches Historic High of Dh900 Million

RAKBank's strong earnings momentum in the second quarter reflects the continued economic momentum in the UAE, which has experienced a sharp recovery from the pandemic-induced slowdown. Higher oil prices and effective measures to mitigate the pandemic's impact have bolstered economic growth. The bank's net income for the first half of the year surged by about 71 per cent to Dh900 million, setting a historic record.

RAKBank: Cautious Outlook Amid Global Concerns, Focus on Digital Transformation and Customer Experience

While RAKBank remains optimistic about the UAE's economic momentum, it acknowledges global macroeconomic concerns, particularly the impact of rising interest rates and inflation on its customers. The bank's proactive approach includes a cautious outlook, emphasizing customer trust and engagement while investing in digitalization and diversifying its business mix ,RAKBank's transformation plan, initiated last year, involves significant investments, with up to Dh600 million planned until 2026 to enhance digital services and develop new business lines. The bank aims to be the digital bank with a human touch, focusing on personalized and customer-led approaches to ensure a distinct and individualized banking experience for its clients.

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