How to improve mental arithmetic skills

This page explains mental arithmetic? Why should kids care? In addition to mental arithmetic or mental mathematics in performing mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication in steps, they help your child perform mathematical operations regardless of difficulty and complexity without calculators or writing.

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What is meant by mental arithmetic?

Mental arithmetic, or mental mathematics, is performing mathematical operations, regardless of their complexity, using only the mind, without calculators, devices, or paper and pen.

Self-reflection is used to calculate quickly and accurately.

Mental arithmetic requires memorizing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Even young children need to perform math sometimes. Even when playing, toddlers need to complete fast math.

Top tips for teaching children mental arithmetic or mental math

Since childhood, the human mind is taught on mental arithmetic as the kid begins to work with numbers in school and in everyday life.

Teachers and parents educate children mental arithmetic from an early age:

  • Introducing youngsters to mental arithmetic to simplify mathematical operations and as a life skill that everyone should learn. **Learn about dyscalculia.
  • Teaching children mental calculating procedures from the start helps them think that way.
  • Connecting mental arithmetic to children's everyday life helps them understand and use it. To avoid confusion, provide real-life examples.
  • Talking to the kids about their own problem-solving methods and encouraging them to share them so everyone may benefit.
  • Approximate estimating and mental arithmetic are what mathematics programs aim to teach pupils. For instance, letting the youngster estimate lengths, weights, areas, etc. without measuring instruments is helpful. Correctly assessing an object's length or weight boosts a child's self-confidence.

The importance and benefits of mental arithmetic

The importance of teaching children mental arithmetic can be summarized in these basic points:

(1) Mental arithmetic is a method of strengthening memory.
Memory dominates mental arithmetic.

Memory becomes constantly ready to remember knowledge and quicker with training, which affects all disciplines, not only mathematics where mental arithmetic is applied.

(2) Mental arithmetic contributes to the development of accurate observation skills.

Mental arithmetic requires knowing and observing the relationship between numbers and things, which helps him notice accurate notes that help him solve problems quickly and accurately based on his data, which affects the child's attention, achievement, and understanding.

(3) Mental arithmetic supports self-confidence.
When a child succeeds in solving a difficult problem without the need for a calculator or help, he will develop a sense of self-confidence that has a strong impact on his life and personality.

(4) Mental arithmetic contributes to brain activation.
Various mathematical calculations are among the tasks of the left part of the human brain, which is responsible for performing them. As for the right part of the brain, it is responsible for imagination and creativity. By learning mental arithmetic, you activate and stimulate the two parts together in one process; Because it requires creative solutions, imagination and visualization of numbers.

(5) Mental arithmetic helps in developing the emotional side.
In mental arithmetic, the child is trained to find quick and correct solutions to problems that may cause psychological stress on him. Mental arithmetic makes him more steadfast in facing problems and dealing with them skillfully.

(6) Mental arithmetic and preparation for daily life.
The method of mental arithmetic prepares the child to live his daily life easier and with greater skill, which reduces his exposure to problems and the need for permanent assistance. It is a self-reliant person who is able to solve his problems without pressure affecting his life.

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