Terminating Leases for Partitioned Units in UAE Property: What to Know

Query: Our tenancy for a one-bedroom apartment began on July 10. Observing numerous partition constructions in other units, we decided to replicate the same in our flat. Initially, we complied with the building watchman's financial requests, but after continuous demands, we halted further payments.

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Understanding Lease Termination and Property Maintenance in UAE Rentals

Subsequently, the watchman, accompanied by a representative from the real estate agency, informed us that such partitions were prohibited. The landlord instructed the lock to be changed, effectively barring our access to the property for the past three days. We await their resolution, even though our lease agreement's termination is a possibility. We acknowledge our violation of regulations, yet we wonder why the landlord permitted this practice for others.

Understanding Lease Modifications and Consequences in UAE Property Rentals

Answer: Your situation is somewhat complex, but I'll to provide guidance. Assuming your rental agreement covers the entire one-bedroom apartment rather than a portion, any alterations to theattempt property necessitate written landlord approval. Undertaking modifications without consent grants the landlord the right to undo the changes at your expense. While I cannot explain the watchman's inconsistency, if you knowingly proceeded despite the prohibition, you accepted the associated risks. Regarding the financial reimbursements, it's subject to the landlord's discretion due to the breach of contract. Compensation might be sought, putting your deposit in jeopardy. The return of rental payments is plausible, yet ultimately decided by the landlord. A meeting with the owner to apologize and seek a resolution is advised.

Ensuring Quality Maintenance and Upkeep in Your Dubai Rental

Question: During my two-year stay in a Dubai rented property owned by a responsive company, I've observed a decline in cleaning services and general upkeep of common areas over the past two months. Does my rent encompass these services? Can I demand improved maintenance standards from the landlord? , Answer: Assuming your landlord is the company overseeing building maintenance and services, you indeed possess the right to address the decline. Typically, property owners pay for service charges and dictate service delivery to residents. In your scenario, the company acts as both property owner and service provider, affording you the authority to communicate the recent deterioration to the landlord. If the company prioritizes building maintenance, it's likely to enhance services to preserve property value. Keep in mind that prompt action is crucial to prevent potential adverse effects on the building's condition.

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