Father, 45, and Son, 17, Graduate as Private Pilots Together in UAE

In a heartwarming tale of determination and ambition, 45-year-old Pakistani expat Suleiman Mahmood achieved a double feat, graduating from a flying school in the UAE alongside his 17-year-old son, Hashir.

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Father-Son Duo's Soaring Success: From Shedding Kilos to Achieving Sky-High Dreams

The proud students of the Fujairah Flying Academy, the duo received their private pilot's license after completing a six-month program. However, Suleiman's journey to the skies was not without its challenges. Battling excess weight, he shed an impressive 50kg, reigniting his passion for flying and inspiring his son to join the aviation adventure.

Taking Flight Despite the Odds

Suleiman's passion for aviation was long-held but unfulfilled due to his weight issues. Determined to pursue his dreams, he embarked on a disciplined journey, embracing regular workouts and balanced eating, which led to an inspiring weight loss. Empowered by his achievement, he enrolled himself and his son in the Fujairah Aviation Academy, making them batch-mates in the flying program. Despite the difficulties of relocating from Abu Dhabi to Fujairah for the course, Suleiman persisted, balancing studies with work and family commitments.

A Father-Son Flying Journey

Navigating the challenging flying program with enthusiasm, Suleiman enjoyed immersing himself in the classroom and flight lessons. Being the oldest student in the class, he took longer to absorb theory lessons but surpassed his son in flying hours. Suleiman proudly claimed the title of the first graduate in his entire batch, completing the program five days ahead of his son, Hashir. With their private pilot licenses, they can now fly single-engine aircraft and carry passengers, realizing their shared dream of taking to the skies.

Embracing New Horizons

The completion of the flying program marks a new chapter in Suleiman's life. Already a successful businessman in Abu Dhabi, running Smart Access Transport, a thriving business in heavy equipment and access platforms, Suleiman is not resting on his laurels. Looking to explore new opportunities in aviation, he plans to launch a "rent-a-plane" venture in the UAE. This unique concept aims to cater to private pilots from around the world who wish to fly different types of planes, helping them maintain their licenses while creating a win-win scenario for all involved.

The Sky is the Limit for Suleiman Mahmood

With an unwavering spirit and a track record of determination, Suleiman's ambitious venture is poised to take flight. His dream of running a successful "rent-a-plane" business reflects his passion for aviation and his desire to contribute to the aviation community. Suleiman's story is a testament to the power of resilience, unwavering faith, and the pursuit of dreams, inspiring many to soar to new heights, just like the father-son duo.

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