Emirates Group Opens Innovation Centre with AI, VR, and 3D

Dubai's Emirates Group has unveiled its Innovation Majlis, a groundbreaking research and development platform located at its headquarters. This innovative space combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and 3D exhibits to revolutionize the aviation sector.

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Emirates Group Launches Innovation Majlis, Transforming the Aviation Industry with Cutting-Edge Technology

The primary goal of the Majlis is to empower Emirates Group staff to explore new frontiers, discover pioneering solutions, and drive the future of the aviation industry. The platform facilitates the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and showcases a wide range of advanced technologies, including robotics, hyper-reality, holograms, 3D printing, and more.

Exploring Innovation Majlis: Autonomous Robots, AR Experiences, and Cutting-Edge Technologies at Emirates Group's Innovation Centre

Visitors to the Innovation Majlis will encounter an array of exciting exhibits. Among them is an autonomous mobile manipulator developed by Dubai Future Labs, an innovative robot designed for order deliveries. Augmented reality (AR) experiences are made possible with AI-powered glasses, enabling users to interact virtually with people, products, and services. Haptic gloves enable natural interactions in extended reality (XR) environments by providing touch sensations in virtual reality. Additionally, the Majlis offers services such as 3D printing solutions, optimized video-conferencing, automatic wireless charging, advanced water filtration, and 3D holographic displays with generative AI functions.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Highlights Emirates Group's Commitment to Innovation at Innovation Majlis Launch

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed, Chairman and CEO of Emirates airline and Group, emphasized the company's commitment to innovation, stating that it is ingrained in their core values, culture, and mindset. The Innovation Majlis will serve as a hub for bringing together partners, top tech companies, and entities to address key challenges facing the aviation industry today.

Emirates Group's Technological Advancements: From Check-In Robot Assistant to Digital Recruitment and Sustainability Initiatives

Emirates Group has been at the forefront of embracing technological advancements to enhance efficiency and improve the travel experience. In March, the airline introduced Sara, the world's first check-in robot assistant, aimed at streamlining the travel process. Last week, the company announced plans for a large-scale recruitment drive, utilizing the latest technologies such as digital assessments, AI, and other recruitment systems to ensure efficient and effective candidate selection. The airline's commitment to sustainability and a digital-first approach was demonstrated in May when it phased out paper boarding passes for most passengers departing from Dubai airport. Additionally, Emirates allocated $200 million for research and development projects focused on advanced fuel technology to reduce the environmental impact of commercial aviation, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

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