Dubai's transport sector contributes Dh16 billion to economy

Contributing to Economic Growth Dubai's thriving commercial transport activities made a significant contribution of Dh16 billion to the emirate's economy in 2022, marking a notable 26 percent increase compared to the previous year.

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Dubai's Commercial Transport Sector Drives Economic Growth

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) disclosed that approximately 7,000 companies employing around 242,000 individuals were instrumental in achieving this economic feat.

Foundation of Economic Success

Highlighting the crucial role of the commercial transport sector, Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executives Directors of Dubai's RTA, emphasized its significance in realizing the goals of Dubai Economic Agenda (D33). As Dubai strives to become one of the top three economic cities globally, the sector ensures a seamless flow of goods, strengthens global supply chains, and enhances Dubai's reputation and competitiveness. Moreover, it brings about positive social impacts across various sectors.

Fuelled by E-commerce

The commercial transport activities sector has experienced consistent economic growth in recent years, largely driven by the surge in e-commerce. With Dubai serving as a pivotal logistical hub for shipping and distribution in the region, the sector has witnessed remarkable expansion. In 2022 alone, the number of registered commercial vehicles operated by these companies surpassed 300,000, representing a growth rate of 16 percent compared to the previous year.

Projects and Initiatives for Advancement

RTA is actively engaged in developing seven projects and initiatives in collaboration with the private sector. These endeavors aim to boost efficiency in transport and leasing activities through digital transformation. Additionally, efforts are underway to streamline business requirements, aligning them with government directives to facilitate smoother business operations.

Regulation and Governance

RTA places high importance on implementing superior standards for regulating and governing the transportation and leasing sectors. By incorporating best practices and fostering collaboration with partners, they aim to enhance the services provided and revamp the regulation and governance of these sectors. This includes implementing regulations governing 83 transportation and leasing activities, with a focus on areas such as transport, leasing services, and transport services management.

Enhancing Infrastructure

RTA's collaboration with the private sector extends to the development of truck rest areas. Three comprehensive truck rest areas, covering a vast area of 226,000 square meters, are being built to provide a safe and convenient resting space for approximately 500 trucks and heavy vehicles. Furthermore, 16 supplementary truck rest stops situated along major roads contribute to traffic safety by addressing driver exhaustion, promoting smooth traffic flow, and minimizing the issue of trucks parking in inappropriate areas , Note: The information provided is fictional and created for demonstration purposes only.

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