Dubai launches the Sustainable Hatta Project to divert landfill waste

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A significant step towards environmental sustainability has been taken in Hatta with the launch of a new waste management initiative.

The project, titled "Outsourcing Waste Collection, Transportation, and Recycling Services," is a collaborative effort with Imdaad, a facilities management company renowned for its environmental services. This initiative aims to reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills, promoting a greener and cleaner environment.

A pivotal component of this initiative involves the transformation of the Hatta landfill into a state-of-the-art facility. Dubai Municipality has overseen the development of this site into an advanced center where waste can be effectively segregated before being transported to various treatment sites in Dubai.

The facility spans more than 60,000 square meters and includes an administrative office as well as a specialized waste disposal zone. On a daily basis, Hatta generates approximately 20 tons of municipal solid waste. The project also handles 27 tons of agricultural waste from the region each day, which is processed and sent to the Warsan waste-to-energy plant, ensuring sustainable waste disposal practices.

1,147 households in the vicinity are intended to be served by the Hatta waste management project. The Dubai Municipality has issued over 2,500 new garbage storage and pickup containers to help with efficient waste segregation. To make the process of sorting waste easier, these bins are color-coded: recyclable waste goes in green containers, and non-recyclable waste goes in black containers.

The containers come with detailed illustrations and instructions to educate residents on the correct way to dispose of their waste. This initiative not only improves waste management practices but also raises public awareness about the importance of recycling and proper waste segregation at the source.

Expanding Waste Management Practices Across Dubai

Dubai Municipality's commitment to sustainable waste management is not limited to Hatta. Since 2012, the municipality has successfully implemented the outsourcing model for the "Collection, Transport, and Recycling of Waste" service in multiple subregions across the emirate.

This initiative, known as "My City, My Environment," has been rolled out in areas such as Jumeirah (1, 2, 3), Al Safa (1, 2), Umm Suqim (1, 2, 3), Al Manara, Umm Al Sheif, Al Barsha (2, 3), Al Mizhar (1, 2), Muhaisnah 1, and Nadd Al Hammar. The widespread implementation of this program highlights Dubai Municipality's dedication to fostering a culture of sustainability throughout the city.

The outsourcing strategy has yielded significant benefits. Over 18,000 homes have been positively impacted by the project, which has led to the distribution of 36,400 residential storage containers. These containers are instrumental in promoting better waste management practices among residents.

In addition, the program has resulted in the deployment of 300 field personnel and 65 multi-utility machines, all of whom are collaborating to uphold a sustainable and ecologically conscious city. The availability of these resources demonstrates the municipality's dedication to making sure waste management procedures are both successful and efficient.

Promoting a Sustainable Future

The new waste management initiative in Hatta, in conjunction with the broader efforts across Dubai, reflects a comprehensive approach to sustainability. By transforming waste disposal practices and promoting recycling, Dubai Municipality is setting a precedent for environmental responsibility. This project not only addresses the immediate need to manage waste more effectively but also contributes to the long-term goal of reducing the city's environmental footprint. The collaboration with Imdaad and the extensive community engagement efforts demonstrate a holistic strategy aimed at building a sustainable future for all residents of Dubai.

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