Dubai: Indian Woman's Dh168,000 Marina View Apartment

ndulging in daily spectacles of daredevil skydivers descending from the sky is a typical pastime for one fortunate woman residing in the renowned Cayan Tower in Dubai Marina.

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Witnessing Skydiving Thrills from the Comfort of Home

IKetaki Golatkar, a 40-year-old Indian resident employed in the communications sector, pays an annual rent of slightly less than Dh170,000, divided into four installments. She graciously opened her doors to The National, offering a tour of her one-bedroom apartment and shedding light on why she considers this place an unparalleled haven.

A Unique Residential Experience in Dubai

Your living situation in Dubai is quite unconventional, isn't it? Indeed, it is. Rather than following the typical Dubai rental arrangement, I pay my rent to a property management company that handles all aspects, from utility bills and furniture to internet and Netflix subscriptions. Although it might seem a tad expensive, considering the alternative of purchasing furniture and managing monthly expenses individually, I am certain my costs would skyrocket.

Why did you choose this location over others?

The convenience it offers is simply unparalleled. Considering my frequent business trips, the flexibility of a one-month notice period allows me to swiftly relocate if necessary, not that I have any intentions to do so. Every aspect of daily life is taken care of, including plumbing and general maintenance issues. Furthermore, the apartment came fully furnished, making the move a seamless experience. It was truly a "plug and play" scenario.

Luxurious Comforts and Tranquil Ambience

What amenities and features make this apartment worth the investment?
The view alone is worth every penny. It is nothing short of breathtaking. The tranquility and extensive vista of the marina are simply remarkable. Facing Skydive Dubai, I can even witness the skydivers descending from the heavens while lounging in my bedroom. Additionally, like other buildings in the marina, access to a gym and pool is provided. Furthermore, numerous cafes and shops are conveniently situated nearby, making evening runs along the promenade a delightful experience, despite the current challenging weather conditions.

Is it considered a good value for the rent you pay?

Undoubtedly, it comes with a hefty price tag. Nevertheless, I am fortunate enough to afford it at present. The convenience of not having to purchase and transport furniture each time I move outweighs the expense.

A Long-Term Abode of Comfort

Do you envision yourself residing here for the foreseeable future?
Absolutely. This is not a temporary arrangement for me; I am here to stay. The advantages and comforts I enjoy in this residence are unparalleled, and I have no intention of seeking an alternative.

Putting Personal Touches in a Fully Furnished Home

Was it challenging to personalize your living space, considering it came fully furnished?
The pre-existing furniture in the apartment boasted a distinctive style that perfectly aligned with my own sensibilities. A chic and minimalistic ambiance permeates the interior, with a predominant blue and grey theme. Despite the furnished setup, I managed to infuse my own touch into the space. My personal library, filled with books close to my heart, along with various handloom items, pictures, and posters, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, I incorporated traditional Indian block-printed bedsheets, reflecting my cultural heritage.

Is there anything about your home that you would alter if given the chance?

Without a doubt, the rent is undeniably steep. However, I am unwilling to compromise on certain aspects, particularly the unparalleled view that enriches my daily life.

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