Dubai: Employee Insurance for Unpaid Salaries and Repatriation Costs

Dubai South, under the Dubai Aviation City Corporation, has launched a comprehensive insurance coverage program aimed at supporting employees.

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Comprehensive Employee Protection Insurance Scheme Introduced in Dubai South

This insurance package will provide essential protection to workers registered under licensees of the Dubai Aviation City Corporation, covering areas such as unpaid salaries, end-of-service gratuities, repatriation costs, and various other benefits. The implementation of this program aims to establish a safety net for employees, ensuring their well-being in situations where employers may not meet their obligations. Employers are encouraged to adopt this scheme to safeguard the interests of their employees.

Dubai Implements Mandatory Employee Protection Insurance Program

Starting from August 2023, the Employee Protection Insurance program will become mandatory for all new employment visas and work permits. For existing visa holders, this scheme will be compulsory during the renewal process of their residency permits. The Dubai Aviation City Corporation (DACC), which oversees Dubai International and DWC Airports, as well as the Dubai South development, is the holding company responsible for aviation infrastructure in Dubai. Acting as the licensing and regulatory body for over 4,200 companies operating in Dubai South, DACC plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful implementation of this insurance scheme. Khalifa Al Zaffin, the executive chairman of DACC and Dubai South, and Abdellatif Abuqurah, CEO of Dubai Insurance, signed an agreement to initiate the Employee Protection Insurance scheme, solidifying their commitment to the well-being of employees.

Enhanced Employee Protection Schemes in the UAE: A Comprehensive Approach

Employee protection schemes have gained significant priority in the UAE government and other regulatory bodies. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has also introduced a job loss insurance scheme to support employees in the federal government, free zones, and private sector. The objective is to ensure a decent standard of living for the unemployed and foster a competitive knowledge economy by attracting and retaining top talent. The Employee Protection Insurance scheme in Dubai South goes beyond covering unpaid salaries, end-of-service gratuities, and repatriation costs. It also encompasses benefits such as the repatriation of mortal remains of employees and coverage for unreimbursed expenses. This comprehensive approach reflects the commitment of Dubai South and its partners to provide a secure and exceptional working environment while maintaining Dubai's competitive position on the global stage.

Employee Protection Insurance: Strengthening Confidence and Workforce Support in Dubai South

The implementation of the Employee Protection Insurance program is expected to significantly enhance the confidence of licensees within Dubai South. This initiative underscores the unwavering dedication of Dubai South to fostering an outstanding working environment. It also reaffirms their commitment to upholding Dubai's competitive position on the global stage. By prioritizing the well-being and protection of employees, Dubai South demonstrates its commitment to supporting and nurturing a thriving workforce, which will contribute to the overall success and growth of the region.

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