COP28 Puts UAE 'at the Center of the World,' Says French Ambassador

The upcoming hosting of Cop28 by the UAE is set to elevate the country to the forefront of the world stage, according to the French ambassador to the Emirates, Nicolas Niemtchinow. He believes that the UAE has a unique opportunity to act as a bridge between different regions of the world during these crucial climate talks.

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UAE's Role in Cop28: At the Center of Global Attention

Expressing optimism about the summit's success, Mr. Niemtchinow emphasized France's full support for the UAE's efforts at this critical moment for the planet's future. While acknowledging criticism surrounding the summit, he urged collective collaboration and highlighted the importance of preserving the 1.5°C global warming target and scaling up climate finance.

A Dynamic Relationship: France and the UAE

Mr. Niemtchinow, who has been serving as the French ambassador to the UAE for six months, described his experience as a whirlwind of meetings, visits, and high-level engagements. He has observed the vibrancy and future-oriented nature of the bilateral relationship between France and the UAE. The relationship spans various sectors, including clean energy, space, and public health, with a particular focus on combating Covid-19. The strong and deep-rooted ties between the two nations can be traced back to historical visits and continued cooperation in areas such as military bases, education, and cultural endeavors like Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Mutual Support and Cooperation in Challenging Times

The French community in the UAE, which stands as the largest in the region, and the bilateral trade volume of nearly €6.9 billion in 2022 are testaments to the mutual support and cooperation between France and the UAE. Mr. Niemtchinow highlighted how both countries can rely on each other during difficult times, citing French support for the UAE in the face of attacks in 2022 and the Emirati government's public support during recent tensions in France. Despite the challenges faced globally, he expressed optimism about France's ability to navigate these difficult times, advocating for order, peace, and tolerance as pillars of a cohesive society.

A Shared Vision for the Future

Looking beyond Cop28, Mr. Niemtchinow aims to enhance cooperation across multiple sectors, including the economy, science, health, and culture. He emphasizes joint efforts to promote peace, security, and stability not only in the region but also globally. The ambassador recognizes the exceptional nature of the relationship between France and the UAE, deeply rooted in history and characterized by remarkable diversity across various domains. With the ambition to live up to this exciting mandate, Mr. Niemtchinow believes in the potential for accomplishing great things together. The embassy's display of former ambassadors' pictures reflects the legacy of hard work and sets the stage for continued achievements in the future.

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