Conditions for licensing medical products factories in the UAE

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection issued Resolution 88 of 2023 regarding the conditions and procedures for licensing a medical product factory, requesting factories that received an initial approval or license to open a factory on the date of this decision.

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Conditions for licensing a food supplement factory

Reconciliation within 6 months, and factories are exempt from the conditions that apply solely to first-time factory license applicants.

The Ministry requires factories to be erected in industrial districts according to each emirate's classification. Based on good manufacturing practice, technical rules for medical product factory structures must be considered while starting the plant.

Natural product factories licensing system

The building's size and kind must match the production lines and products. The design considers people and material flow, minimizing contamination and mixing, supplying the essential devices and instruments, and manufacturing ease and sequence. The factory must be accessible. Water, electricity, ventilation, and other utilities will be provided.

licensing medical

The Ministry has three stages for factory licensing: accepting the application and initial approval by the responsible department, approval to start building the factory building, and final approval and license issuing.

The Ministry verified that a technical team in the responsible department will review the application and verify its contents and compliance with the requisite documents and conditions. Free industrial licenses.

To complete the licensing process, a copy of all agreements with the foreign company (if any) and the competent authority's report on the factory's production operations not polluting the environment must be submitted. The forms or types of medical items to be produced, the number of production lines for each, and the pharmaceutical form for pharmaceutical medicines must also be listed, along with the packaging lines needed for all products. For sterile medical products, the sterilization method must be specified.

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