Architect in Dubai Wins AED 25,000 Monthly for 25 Years

In a remarkable turn of events, an Indian architect, Mohd Adil Khan, has become the first recipient of the life-altering Emirates Draw FAST5 in the UAE. The coveted prize will grant him a monthly stipend of Dh25,000 for the next 25 years. Hailing from Sharjah and working with a construction company in Dubai, Mr. Khan expressed his joy at the prospect of fulfilling his dream to bring his family over from India and provide them with a new home.

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Indian Architect Wins Life-Changing Emirates Draw, Realizing Dreams of Family Reunion and Home Ownership

The unique aspect of this draw lies in its monthly payouts rather than a lump-sum amount, which, according to Mr. Khan, is akin to having a second salary. He envisions investing in a beautiful apartment or villa in the UAE and views this as a wise financial move for his future, effectively serving as a pension plan while ensuring he can continue living in the UAE even after retirement.

A Compassionate Architect: Mr. Khan's Journey of Giving and Supporting Loved Ones

The tragic loss of Mr. Khan's elder brother to Covid-19 in India left an immense void in his family's life. Taking on the responsibility of caring for the extended family back home, he has always been a compassionate giver, supporting friends and loved ones in need. Having been fortunate to qualify as an architect through the support of wealthy relatives during his student years, Mr. Khan has carried the spirit of helping others throughout his life.

From Compassion to Adventure: Mr. Khan's Life-Changing Win and Dream to Explore Finland

Interestingly, this was the first time Mr. Khan decided to purchase tickets for a prize draw, making a simple but life-changing investment of Dh125 for five tickets. As the winner, he is now eager to fulfill another dream – to travel the world. His first stop is Finland, renowned for its happiness quotient, where he hopes to experience and revel in the joy of the happiest country on Earth.

Emirates Draw: Fulfilling Dreams and Spreading Happiness Through Life-Changing Prizes

Emirates Draw has committed to making the monthly payments as per the contractual agreement, following UAE laws diligently. The draw takes place every Saturday at 9 pm, and apart from Mr. Khan's grand prize, three others have also won substantial amounts of Dh75,000, Dh50,000, and Dh25,000, respectively. This unique opportunity has brought happiness and realization of dreams to the lucky winners, turning their lives into inspiring tales of hope and possibility.

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