Abu Dhabi: New traffic rules for motorcyclists

Because of the new restrictions that have been set in place regarding the rules of the road, it is against the law for delivery riders in Abu Dhabi to wander about in the fast lanes of roadways. These restrictions were put into place. As a direct consequence of the recent tightening of the regulations governing the use of public roads, certain limitations are now in effect.

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Authorities specify which lanes commuters must use on roads with a speed limit of 100 km/h or higher

As part of a series of steps to decrease accidents and protect motorcyclists, Abu Dhabi authorities will only allow delivery bike riders to use the right lane on highways with speed limits of 100 km/h or higher.

The new restrictions prohibit motorcycles from using express lanes, the leftmost lanes on roads with a speed of 100 km/h or higher, which are mostly on major highways and motorways as most of the city's road network is 60–100 km/h.

Thus, motorcyclists may only ride in the right lanes of 3- and 4-lane highways at 100 km/h and higher. A 5-lane road allows three right-side lanes.

The Joint Committee for Traffic Safety in Abu Dhabi, led by the Department of Municipalities and Transport and included the Integrated Transport Center, Abu Dhabi Police General Command, and Department of Health, established this comprehensive strategy to improve delivery traffic safety. Motorcyclists.

The committee noted that the decision is in keeping with the framework to regulate road traffic and reduce unsafe motorbike driving to ensure road user safety. Speeding—especially on congested highways—and disobeying traffic, route instructions, and signs are examples. Driving the opposite way and not utilizing turn signals suggest a detour.

The strategy to improve biker traffic safety involves activities, regulatory decisions, and traffic and safety efforts to improve work quality and safety for delivery motorcyclists. Drivers and motorcyclists in the delivery business will be educated and trained to form partnerships with delivery firms.

Training and internship programs

ITC trains motorcyclists and Abu Dhabi delivery company supervisors.

Supervisors started driving training programs. Drivers must pass a written exam to work in delivery after each program. ITC will test and certify drivers, who must renew their certificates of good behavior yearly to get a professional license.

3000 parking spaces, restrooms

The proposal also includes 2,800 Abu Dhabi and 200 Al Ain delivery bike parking lots.

In Abu Dhabi, various summer programs will provide delivery bike drivers with permanent rest stations to improve their quality of life and relieve scorching temperatures.

The International Trade Center issued parking licenses for six buses used as delivery driver rest breaks in Abu Dhabi City, Khalifa City, Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Shakhbout City, and Shahama.

This strategy is part of an integrated initiative to prevent traffic accidents that kill and injure employees in this critical industry by continuously improving delivery driver standards and practices.

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