Wolverine is first seen in the Deadpool 3 trailer in full combat

Two decades and nine films after Cyclops made fun of Wolverine's attire in the X-Men, asking him if he'd rather wear "yellow spandex" than the movie's famous black leather flying suits, Hugh Jackman is finally, finally, finally wearing Wolverine's comic book outfit in Deadpool 3.

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The first time we see Wolverine in his full costume is in the Deadpool 3 trailer

Everyone, keep your cool. My enthusiasm for Deadpool 3 has just skyrocketed after seeing Hugh Jackson in costume as Wolverine for the first time.

Recent news for Deadpool fans has only been positive. It was recently reported that the much awaited third movie would actually arrive six months sooner than expected in a stunning release date-related twist. Now that it has been moved forward from 8 November 2024 to 3 May 2024, the threequel will arrive in little over a month. Oh my.

Hugh Jackman is finally, finally donning Wolverine's comic book outfit in Deadpool 3, two decades and nine films after Cyclops made fun of Wolverine's outfit in the X-Men, asking him whether he'd rather wear "yellow spandex" than the movie's iconic black leather flight suits.

On Monday morning, Ryan Reynolds posted a picture of Hugh Jackman next to Deadpool in full comic book garb but without a mask. The image doesn't show much else, but are you being sincere? I've spoken enough. Like many other admirers, I too believed that this day would never arrive.

Hugh Jackman has portrayed the part of Logan/Wolverine for the longest time and during multiple different superhero film periods, beginning in 2000 with the somewhat self-conscious sci-fi of X-Men and presumably ending with 2017's intelligently brutal and elegiac Logan. The actor is now able to indulge in the multiversal hijinks and other types of comic book chicanery that were outlawed for the most of his career since Deadpool 3 is bringing him back.

I think this is awesome. Only seeing Jackman in the mask would be more exciting, but they need to preserve something for the movie.

Wolverine is first seen in the Deadpool
Wolverine is first seen in the Deadpool 3 trailer in full combat

Not only Jackman, but many other actors are reprising previous roles for the upcoming Deadpool. For the first time since 2003's Daredevil, Jennifer Garner will reprise her role as Elektra in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although there haven't been any official statements about Ben Affleck joining Deadpool and Wolverine in the next film, he portrayed Daredevil in that rendition. Matthew Macfadyen from Succession and Emma Corrin, who reportedly portrays one of the threequel's antagonists, are both joining the cast in an unspecified capacity.

Deadpool 3 finally puts Wolverine in his yellow suit after 23 years.

The only time Hugh Jackman came close to actually donning the superhero outfit was in a scene that was cut from the movie The Wolverine (2013). In this scene, the costume is shown inside of a suitcase, but Jackman does not really put it on.

James Mangold, the film's director, responded on Twitter to a question regarding the iconic outfit and whether or not any further footage may be available by saying, "We never even produced a version of the suit." My impression of his personality leads me to believe that he would never don a "uniform" for the purpose of promoting himself. The subsequent appearance of Wolverine will very certainly take place at that site.

On May 3, 2024, Deadpool 3, featuring Wade Wilson in his iconic yellow outfit, will be released in theaters.

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