will oshi no ko get a second season

Amidst its detailed exploration of the entertainment world's inner workings, Oshi no Ko evokes euphoria

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will oshi no ko get a second season

Amidst its detailed exploration of the entertainment world's inner workings, Oshi no Ko evokes euphoria. Beyond its preoccupation with the number game inherent to the industry, the series embraces the sheer elation born from the amalgamation of celebration and self-expression. Ai's star quality finds literal representation through the vivid constellations adorning her eyes. When Ruby's mother imparts the art of dance, the show takes a fantastical turn, adorned with vibrant hues, unlocking fresh avenues for creative expression.

Consequently, the anime delves into the nitty-gritty aspects of the business, meticulously dissecting production costs, camera setups, and the intricacies of performance. It also contemplates the factors that can mar a production, such as the technical challenges encountered during the adaptation of a beloved shojo manga. In a separate arc, centered around the transition from manga to live theater, a weathered author shares the haunting tale of the grueling demands imposed by weekly serialization. Entertainment, across all spheres, has the potential to drain one's spirit.

oshi no ko

oshi no ko season 2 release date

One of the most cutting critiques presented in the anime thus far emerges from its portrayal of a reality television program titled LoveNow, a dating series. Oshi no Ko astutely acknowledges the layers of performance inherent in such ventures, as well as the collaborative efforts between participants and producers in shaping narratives, albeit with the individuals involved playing slightly modified versions of themselves.

Moreover, the series underscores how individuals themselves become commodities, products owned by the masses, necessitating a continuous projection of the cultivated image under the threat of retribution. In the case of young women like Ai, maintaining an immaculate facade entails shielding their children from the public eye, with any deviation from this carefully constructed façade triggering vehement backlash.

Unfortunately, despite my appreciation for Aqua's character development, the series regrettably resurrects his past fixation on Ai. Considering the vast age difference and the fact that Ai was a minor when they first encountered each other in his previous life, Aqua's intense feelings towards his quasi-mother remain an awkward and uncomfortable aspect of the narrative. It would be preferable if the show could sidestep this issue and focus solely on his quest for vengeance without delving into those intricate details.

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