where to watch succession in australia

As the fourth and final season of the beloved television series Succession unfolds, the resounding cheers of thousands of fans can be heard, rejoicing in the abundant drama it promises to deliver.

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where to watch succession in australia

Undoubtedly, the previous season concluded with a nail-biting cliffhanger, leaving viewers in suspense as they eagerly awaited the next installment. Now, with the arrival of the fourth season, devoted followers of the show are already immersed in its narrative, anxiously anticipating the grand finale.

Continuing from where season three left off, the Roy family finds themselves confronted with further trials and the aftermath of a shocking act of betrayal.

Regardless of whether you are an ardent enthusiast of this HBO-owned production, you may be curious about where you can indulge in the entirety of Succession in Australia. Fortunately, a streaming platform stands ready to cater to your needs, offering a cornucopia of content.

Foxtel Now is the ultimate destination to stream all four seasons of Succession. In addition, the platform boasts a myriad of other timeless HBO classics, such as Sex and the City and the recently revitalized rendition of Gossip Girl.

To access this treasure trove of entertainment, you can subscribe to Foxtel Now. Bundles start as low as $25 per month, and the service graciously provides a 10-day free trial to all new subscribers.

The fourth season delves deeper into the intricate dynamics of the Roy family, proprietors of the expansive media conglomerate, Waystar RoyCo. Drawing inspiration from real-world figures like Rupert Murdoch, the show continues to captivate audiences with its captivating portrayal of the Roy saga.

succession in australia

succession in australia release date

In the previous season's conclusion, the three pivotal Roy siblings—Kendall, Shiv, and Roman—united in a valiant effort to prevent their domineering father from selling Waystar Royco to Lukas Matsson, played by Alexander Skarsgard. Regrettably, Logan's shrewd maneuvering ultimately foiled their plans, constituting one of the most shocking betrayals witnessed thus far in the series. A comprehensive recap of the season finale is readily available for those seeking a refresher.

Season four, on the other hand, delves into the impending sale, exploring the existential angst and familial divisions that arise among the Roys as they anticipate the repercussions of this seismic shift. A power struggle ensues as the family grapples with a future where their cultural and political influence is severely curtailed.

The ensemble cast of Succession features the incomparable Brian Cox as Logan Roy, with Kieran Culkin and Jeremy Strong portraying his sons Roman Roy and Kendall Roy, respectively. Sarah Snook captivates audiences as his daughter Siobhan Roy, affectionately known as 'Shiv.' Notable returning cast members include Alan Ruck as Conor, as well as Nicholas Braun, Matthew Macfadyen, Peter Friedman, J. Smith-Cameron, and Fisher Stevens, all of whom grace the screen in the new season.

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