where to watch Meg 2 release date

Doesn't that just make the most perfect sense for a Meg sequel? It could be, provided that the second installment makes the decision to concentrate more on the sharks and less on the people. The Megs are a menace that is present throughout the bulk of Meg 2, but they are not the primary threat that Jonas and his team must contend with. For the most part, the Megs are on the perimeter.

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where to watch Meg 2 release date

Instead, the mining operation that is being directed by Montes (Sergio Peris-Mencheta), who also has assistance from within Jiuming's organization, is the one that poses the threat. It transforms the first half of the movie into a boring spy thriller in which Jonas punches more people than he punches Megs, and what's even worse is that it all takes place in the murky environs of the ocean below, so you can't see most of what's occurring.

Because Statham has repeatedly demonstrated that he is skilled in action, the problem is less with the work that he is performing and more with the expectations that people have of him. You're not going to Meg 2 because you're interested in a story about corporate espionage; you're going to see it because you can watch some big-screen shark carnage, which the sequel robs you of for long, tedious portions of the movie.

If the antagonists had been given more complexity, perhaps their deaths would have been more rewarding when the time came for them to be eliminated. However, because they are all so monotonous, they do not make nearly as strong of an impression. To put it another way, they are not enough detestable to warrant the entertainment value of their deaths.

The sequel does eventually break through to the surface, at which point filmmaker Ben Wheatley unleashes the sharks (along with other prehistoric animals, the identities of which we will not reveal here) on unsuspecting humanity. There are glimpses of what may have been in the sequel, such as a humorous pun about killing Jonas and a scene in which Meg's jaw is shown open to reveal a large feast; nevertheless, these are not enough to save the film.

Meg 2

Meg 2 release date

However, if you have watched the trailers, then you have seen the important scenes, and due to the fact that it has a grade of 12A, the deaths are all rather bloodless like they were in the previous film. Even though the computer graphics aren't as good as they were in "The Meg," at least there are sharks swimming around in this one.

Meg 2 is a film that is never quite sure whether it wants to play things absolutely straight or be self-aware, if it wants to be a legitimately serious horror movie (there are well-timed jump scares), or if it wants to be a silly shark-chomping actioner. Meg 2 is a movie that is never quite sure if it wants to play things totally straight or be self-aware. It all ends up being a bland jumble of several film genres and better movies, which is surprising coming from a director as singular as Wheatley.

In the event that Meg 2: The Trench is successful enough, the conclusion hints at a possible path that the third movie could go. When it comes to delivering on what ought to be such a home run of a notion, we can only hope that the third time will prove to be the charm.

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