where to read One Piece 1087 release date

The Cross Guild has been discreetly causing significant ripples within the world of One Piece, reaching a point where their presence can no longer be overlooked.

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where to read One Piece 1087 release date

In recent chapters, fans witnessed Sengoku discussing their existence, and now, with the death of a Vice Admiral at their hands, the headquarters of justice cannot remain silent. As Sengoku expressed, they must take action swiftly before their reputation becomes further tarnished.

The most troubling aspect of the conflict against the Cross Guild is that they are placing bounties on the heads of Marines, blurring the distinction between Pirates and Marines. Bounty Hunters will now target both groups simultaneously, eradicating the advantage the Marines once held.

This raises the possibility of an all-out war unfolding between the Navy and the Cross Guild. The Navy must prepare for this imminent conflict, which will undoubtedly be challenging, considering the forces they are assembling for Egghead Island. However, preparations are essential, and One Piece Chapter 1087 may delve into this aspect. Additionally, the story might also explore Beehive Island, where Garp currently battles Aokiji. If Blackbeard were to make a return, Garp's victory would become nearly impossible. Sengoku and Tsuru, Garp's former comrades, recently discovered his whereabouts, potentially prompting them to sail to Beehive Island to rescue both Garp and Koby. Although the task won't be easy, One Piece Chapter 1087 may provide some buildup to this crucial development.

One Piece 1087

One Piece 1087 release date

Furthermore, fans can expect One Piece Chapter 1087 to bring the story back to Egghead Island. While the narrative has strayed from Luffy and his companions for some time, captivating events unfolded in their absence. However, it is now time to refocus on the main island at the center of this arc. When last seen, Vegapunk was held captive on Egghead Island, with Nico Robin and a group led by Atlas en route to his rescue.

Simultaneously, Luffy and Lucci were engaged in a fierce battle against S-Bear, while Kaku and Zoro faced off against S-Hawk. Other Seraphims were also involved in various activities, including S-Snake causing chaos and S-Shark confronting Sanji. Egghead Island is currently in disarray, and to exacerbate matters, the Navy is en route. Once they arrive, a full-scale war will erupt in the world of One Piece, potentially surpassing even the Paramount War in scale.

This conflict may even surpass previous wars due to the presence of one of the Five Elders, Jaygarcia Saturn. Regardless of the direction this segment of the arc takes, fans eagerly await the release of One Piece Chapter 1087, anticipating the next thrilling installment.

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