where to read Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231

This time, Megumi Fushiguro's condition at the absolute bottom of the inn's overinflated sense of self-importance was brought into a little bit more clarity than it had been previously.

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where to read Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231

Due to the fact that she allowed Fushiguro Megumi's soul to take control of Makura's adaptation, she has been subjected to the sensation of everlasting nothingness on a number of occasions. According to Masato's line of reasoning, something significant takes place whenever there is an assault on the soul. There will probably be a connection between this and the question of whether or not Megumi Fushiguro will harass Sori in the future.

Sukuna has been fighting thus far by withholding the method in order to draw all of Gojo's cards out of his deck. This has been his strategy up till now. I also handed over control of the Muryo Kudokoro to Megumi Fushiguro so that she could engage in combat while taking the least amount of damage feasible. On the other hand, wouldn't it make more sense for Makyura to change in response to its environment? As a consequence of this, there is a possibility that Gojo will have to make use of it at first sight rather than opting for the special technique. As a direct consequence of this, the full manifestation of Makyora might not take place for quite some time.

Makyora is a shikigami who possesses a remarkable aptitude that enables her to adapt to any circumstance, regardless of what it may be. Despite the fact that Megumi Fushiguro's soul has taken control of that adaptable skill, Sukuna has been dealt an amount of damage that is impossible to quantify. This is a disadvantage for Megumi Fushiguro herself, and it's probable that as a result of it, she need assistance in order to make the most of her versatility. It is expected that Fushiguro's clandestine resistance will have some kind of impact on Shukuna. There is a significant possibility that Megumi Fushiguro's spirit will exercise some level of control over Shukuna in the foreseeable future.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231

how to read Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231

Because it had previously acclimated to Gojo's endless empty space, the appearance of the inn's Makyura was comparable to the one that was seen in the most recent episode the last time Megumi Fushiguro materialized it. This is because. If what you say is true, then Makyura is subject to significantly less of Sukuna's influence than the other Nue.

Megumi Fushiguro stands in stark contrast to Sukuna, who, in the background, can be seen operating the bus. Within the darkness, you are bringing Makyura into life. The power is tied to how things will play out in the years to come!

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