where to read Ayakashi Triangle Episode 7

An exorcist ninja by the name of Matsuri had a run-in with an ayakashi by the name of Shirogane in the prior episode of Ayakashi Triangle. Matsuri's longstanding childhood friend Suzu was Shirogane's target, and he was determined to get her.

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where to read Ayakashi Triangle Episode 7

Matsuri engaged in conflict with Shirogane. Matsuri was able to defend Suzu from danger while still being under Shirogane's control, and as a result, she eventually became one of Suzu's most trusted female friends. Matsuri was able to shield Suzu from danger while still being under Shirogane's influence. They came face to face with the Lightning-Fast Exorcist Ninja, Ninokuru Souga, throughout the course of their adventures.

Matsuri was bothered, however, by the presence of Yayoi and Lucy, who seemed to constantly get in each other's way. This caused Matsuri a great deal of frustration. Matsuri lacked the ability to concentrate on the task at hand. The major purpose of their journey was to look for Suzu's omokage shadow, even though doing so posed a threat to her life. Shirogane and Matsuri searched the entirety of the town in order to find an unidentified creature that they could study together.

A spoiler for the seventh episode of Ayakashi Triangle
The seventh episode, which will show on August 15 and is titled "The Cafe Terrace and Its Goddesses," will be presented in its entirety on that day. Heika and Suzu might work something out to their advantage. At the cafe, Mitsuri will have conversations not just with Shirogane but also with Adam and Noah; these conversations will be hilarious as well as profound. After the seventh episode, there are a lot of different things that could take place, so for now, we should all just relax and wait to see what could take place.

What exactly is the plot of the first season of Ayakashi Triangle?
The anime series Ayakashi Triangle is adapted on a manga that follows the story of Mitsuri, an exorcist, and Suzu Kanade, an ayakashi medium goddess, for a significant portion of their lives. Due of their tight relationship, Mitsri does everything in his power to shield Suzu from malevolent spirits like the ayakashi. During the conflict, the king of Ayakashi, Shirogane, places a curse on Mitsuri, which causes the situation to become more precarious. As a result of the curse, he transforms into a girl, which takes him some time to adjust to. Suzu plays a vital part in assisting him in his adjustment to his new appearance.

Ayakashi Triangle Episode 7

Ayakashi Triangle Episode 7 how to read

While Mitsuri and Suzu work to defeat the ayakashis and break the curse, the anime will also introduce us to a number of other characters. During this time, they both begin to feel something more romantic towards one another. The anime provides us with a glimpse into their life throughout their childhood, during which time they were blessed with the ability to view ayakashi of both positive and negative nature.

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