What jobs will be in demand in the future?

The era we live in now is called the "era of automation and artificial intelligence," and it is a time of great technological progress. This has led to the creation of new jobs that didn't exist before, but it has also led to the loss of some jobs, especially those that didn't require technological skills, so it is important to think about the need to learn some new skills that are commensurate with the times.

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What are the jobs of the future?

Here are some jobs that experts think will be popular in the future:

Engineer of machine learning

It is a branch of artificial intelligence, and people who are good at computer science are good candidates for this job.

It involves programming a specific machine through the creation of complex algorithms so that it can do certain tasks instead of humans, like making a self-driving car.

To get this job, a person needs to study a specialization in artificial intelligence or computer science, and it is best to get a master's degree.

User Experience designer

The UX, or user experience, designer focuses on making sure customers are happy.

This is because their job is to build graphic interfaces for products and websites, taking into account the needs and psychology of communities and their behaviors, in order to make a pleasant digital experience.

This requires combining graphic design and psychology, as it is a job that requires both.

The UX designer talks to buyers to find out what they need.

This job exists because many companies are moving to digital platforms to market and sell their products over the Internet, which has led to the need for a UX designer.

These majors make it easier to get them and help you be more creative in them.

Experience is also very important in these jobs.

Manager of marketing data

A Marketing Analytics Manager or Marketing Analyst is someone who works for a company and is in charge of providing, developing, and preparing everything related to the company's marketing strategy.

They do this by using the information they have about marketing automation, customer relations programs, and other tools, and they focus on marketing and advertising.

For this job, you need to be able to think analytically and work well with others.

This is because a marketing analyst works with many companies in different fields, such as companies that specialize in information technology, sales, and marketing, to improve their work and help them reach their goals.

This is one of the jobs that has spread the most around the world in recent years.

Maker of software

Some software engineers create device and network operating systems.

Software development involves understanding consumer demands and creating programs and applications to satisfy them.

Developers update, maintain, and document outdated applications. They work from home or at their field's offices.

This position requires a computer science or equivalent bachelor's degree.

Technology, like software engineering, is best studied at the master's level.

Software business courses provide computer programming abilities. Developers must also stay current with programming tools and languages.

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