what is Kingdom Chapter 767 release date

Yasuhisa Hara is the one responsible for creating this manga.

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what is Kingdom Chapter 767 release date

This manga has more than 500 episodes and is continually being updated; it is full of intense action and has a lot of serious content because it depicts the brutal reality of war, including rapes, beheadings, and battles.

But Kingdom isn't just about going to war and killing people; it also dives into politics, which makes sense given that the two main characters are a young monarch and a soldier who wants to become a general. Consider picking up Kingdom if you want to read an interesting manga that will pull you in and keep your attention for the duration of the story.

Kingdom Chapter 767

when is Kingdom Chapter 767 released

During the period in Chinese history known as the Warring States, there are two young men named Xin and Piao who are remarkably similar to brothers. They dreamed of becoming great generals despite the fact that they were orphaned slaves with a low social rank.

One day, they come across a member of the nobility, and this individual offers Piao the chance to complete an important mission within the royal palace that is located in the state of Qin.

Before they go their separate ways, Xin and Piao make a pact to one day become the most famous generals in the annals of the planet's history. Piao's dying words inspire Xin to take action and lead him to meet Zheng Ying, the young man who will soon become the king of Qin. However, after a violent coup d'état takes place in the palace, Xin sees a dying Piao. Piao's remarks stimulate Xin to take action and lead him to meet Zheng Ying.

Even though Xin and Zheng's relationship got off to a rocky start, they finally became comrades and set off on a voyage that would be laden with danger and bloodshed.

Zheng's objective is to bring all of the warring states under the control of the Qin Empire, whereas Xin's objective is to work his way up through the ranks of the army to the highest possible position.

In spite of the huge political unrest both inside and outside the palace, the two individuals continue to make progress toward the enormous goals that they have set for themselves. They have the conviction that if they are successful in achieving these objectives, it will forever change the trajectory of history.

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