reddit Infinite Mage Chapter 42 spoilers

Although Nade encourages Shirone to participate in a research group, she finds it awkward to boast about it.

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reddit Infinite Mage Chapter 42 spoilers

Given that there are only two individuals in the group, he believes it would be inappropriate to brag. Since two people comprise a company and three people constitute a crowd, the academy requires that all research groups have at least three members.

In conclusion, Shirone is intrigued by Yiruki's abilities and his desire to join a research team. Despite initial reluctance, he decides to join the group in the end. There are numerous research groups within the Magic Academy, but it was uncommon to discover one that included members of the Advanced class.

After Shirone's initial reluctance, Nade persuaded her to join his research group. Shirone is a student in an advanced class. Children of comparable ages gather to study and play without feeling obligated to do either.

When Nade and Shirone reach at the remote location located north-northwest of the central park, they discover a complex structure consisting of one hundred interconnected tetrahedron-shaped buildings. In addition to hosting the research facility, this structure serves as a storage facility for instructional materials and magical apparatus.

The research organization has existed for a very long time, and the building itself is a magical mechanism that allows it to bring in any necessary items or building components. If the gang doesn't want Shirone to discover them, she won't be able to because the structure is continuously shifting.

Infinite Mage Chapter 42

what happen in Infinite Mage Chapter 42

Nade persuades Shirone to join the Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group, despite his initial skepticism. This organization investigates paranormal phenomena, including ghosts, spirits, the afterlife, aliens, purgatory, and gods. Shirone is also introduced to the group by Nade. Nade informs Shirone of the other members of the organization, which include ten central and ten small facilities.

Siena, Shirone's assistant teacher, is astonished by his performance in chemistry and overall grade point average of 45. Siena says that if Shirone maintains these study habits, the school will take note and he may be promoted to the middle levels. During a practical exam, Shirone, an Advanced-level student, must use active magic. Although he is committed to mastering a passive magic technique such as teleportation, he has not yet demonstrated the necessary skill. Using the Photonization hypothesis, instructor Siena teaches him about the different types of photons.

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