raw scan I’m Being Raised by Villains Chapter 31 spoilers Reddit

The story offers a unique perspective on the classic hero-villain conflict, as suggested by the fact that it follows the protagonist's life as the antagonists nurture him.

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raw scan I’m Being Raised by Villains Chapter 31 spoilers Reddit

The reader can anticipate a captivating and thought-provoking narrative with complex characters and unexpected turns. The release of Chapter 31 will be a major literary event in 2023.

Being Raised by Criminals Chapter 30 Summary
A discussion between a young woman and Bembem's prospective boss, a high priestess, is recounted in the book. The future high priestess and her anthropomorphic companion Bembem fascinate the woman. The master of Bembem, the future high priestess, is not enthusiastic about the possibility of her residing with her puppy. The prospect of being their master and sleeping on the floor adjacent to the high priestess' bed causes the woman to feel anxious.

Despite being only five years old, the future high priestess is too hungry to be handled. The prospective high priestess is taken aback and unable to touch her due to her misogyny. The future high priestess is astounded by her future counterpart, who grew up in a temple devoted to human superiority.

The prospective high priestess doubts the woman's claim that the creature is humanoid. The shrine's treatment of anthropomorphic creatures astonishes her, and she is not the first person to reach out to her. Bembem, a small lizard, has been skulking for three days while donning what appears to be a complex disguise. He wagers that he will collect if a monster murders him within three days. His future superior, the priest Roussillon, is trailing him.

I’m Being Raised by Villains Chapter 31

I’m Being Raised by Villains Chapter 31 spoilers Reddit

Bembem believes he needs a great deal of calories due to his accelerated growth. Richard, the owner of the carriage, has reason to mistrust his intentions. When Bembem accused Richard of being a con artist or loan shark, Richard responds with skepticism. There is no explanation for why Bembem is permitted to honor his promise to Richard by remaining at the residence. Bembem is surprised when Roussillon unexpectedly appears and invites him to accompany him.

Bembem pulls Roussillon's raised palm, causing Roussillon's pupils to widen in shock. The narrative of a fictional novel follows a mystery man named Roussillon as he pursues a lizard that bets on monsters.

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