pontianak vs orang minyak full movie review

Enjoy a chilling ghost story? Lucky you. As a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures, Malaysia has an abundance of spooky stories to tell all night long in the dark. We have all heard many terrifying and spine-chilling tales handed down orally from generation to generation. From the most malevolent evil spirits to the creepiest locations where these supernatural beings have been spotted, here are five terrifying Malaysian ghost stories that most of us have probably heard at some point.

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pontianak vs orang minyak full movie review

A combination of three words — puan (lady), mati (deceased), and anak (child) — pontianak refers to a woman who miscarried. She often wears white and has long black hair, and she is notorious for seeking revenge on males. On the road in the small hours, many individuals claim to have encountered this savage being. If you unexpectedly detect the scent of jasmine blossoms, exercise extreme caution. This is how you would know this vengeful creature is nearby. In films such as Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam and, more recently, Revenge of the Pontianak (Dendam Pontianak), Pontianak ascended to prominence.

pontianak vs orang minyak

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Orang Minyak, a naked, oil-coated supernatural being, is rumored to be someone who seeks superpowers to enable him to break into someone's home and plunder or rape them without being discovered. According to legend, an orang minyak who received the incorrect teaching turns black and must rape forty young females to return to his normal state. After the ordeal, victims will be hypnotized and their features will be marked with a 'X'. Did you know that in 2005, female nurses at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital frequently reported being attacked by a knife-wielding orang minyak when they were alone? A number of years later, residents of Gombak reported that households with young females were being targeted. The release of three orang minyak films in 1958 demonstrates that the fascination with this creature is not new.

This white-dressed female ghost is said to be the spirit of a woman who committed suicide or was murdered and wore a red funeral gown to seek retribution. She shares characteristics with her "sister" from Malaysia, the pontianak. She will frighten the females, but is extremely vindictive towards men. Ironically, the masculine counterpart of Nu Gui, Nan Gui, is rarely mentioned or seen.

Pocong is rumored to be a dead body wrapped in a burial shroud and has a mummy-like appearance (in the sense that it is wrapped in white cloth and does not resemble our cherished mothers). According to legend, if the knot on top of the skull is not untied to expose the face prior to burial, it becomes pocong. It will emerge from its grave and scamper about in search of someone to undo the knot. Indonesia, a country with similar ghost stories to ours, has produced some of the most terrifying ghost movies ever made, including some that were never released due to their extremely distressing and terrifying content.

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