Overgeared Chapter 188 online read now

As of now, spoilers for Overgeared Chapter 188 remain unavailable. Typically, these spoilers begin circulating online three to four days prior to the official release date and can be found in online groups such as 4chan and Reddit.

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Overgeared Chapter 188 online read now

The assassins, Shay, Kerb, and Sniffer, grew increasingly frustrated as they repeatedly lost their possessions while attempting to track down Grid, unaware of his true identity. They concluded that the most effective way to eliminate Grid would be to force him to relinquish his belongings.

Believing that their substantial resources could secure the services of the finest assassin, they possessed an NPC assassin of the third advancement. Euphemina, the first epic secret class, possessed extraordinary abilities and was arguably the most formidable among her peers. She emerged victorious in a battle against Faker, the top-ranked assassin.

The city of Winston, once under the control of an evil lord, underwent significant transformations. Euphemina stumbled upon a bustling blacksmith shop, witnessing numerous customers eagerly awaiting their turn. The splendid artifacts crafted by Grid left her in awe.

Khan, a blacksmith on par with Grid's level, diligently worked on producing goods for him. The unique manner in which he crafted orbs fascinated Euphemina, who inquired about Khan's connection to Grid. However, Khan remained tight-lipped about Grid's whereabouts.

Euphemina whispered to Grid, who was engaged in a discussion with Huroi and Lauel about potential future policies. Huroi let out a terrified scream, suspecting the presence of an assassin nearby. In the end, Grid managed to assassinate Shay and successfully forced him to drop his belongings. However, due to Grid's celebrity status, his actions were heavily restricted.

Witnessing Grid's pale complexion and profuse sweating, Lauel, a respected and fearless individual, was taken aback. Lauel eagerly anticipated meeting Euphemina, the savior who had freed Grid from prison, but he was still contemplating the circumstances surrounding their impending encounter.

summary Overgeared

summary Overgeared Chapter 188

Grid felt apprehensive about meeting Euphemina, knowing that she was a poor duplicator possessing one of the three epic-grade classes. Despite Huroi's eagerness to bring Euphemina to the castle, Grid hesitated. Finally, the villains made their entrance, prompting Huroi to draw his compact version of Dainsleif, a one-handed sword, for self-defense.

Huroi, ranked 900th overall in the consolidated rankings, found himself pursued by Shay's gang of assassins. Uncertain about their intentions to kill him, Huroi was taken aback when three assassins materialized behind him. Shay received a notification, resulting in a thirty percent reduction in her protection and attack strength.

The main characters in Overgeared have endured numerous trials and emerged stronger. Their unwavering determination and passion, whether in protecting others or seeking revenge, set them apart. Each character possesses extraordinary power, with skills and abilities that surpass those of ordinary individuals. Despite their diverse backgrounds and goals, their shared aspiration to improve the world unites them.

Grid, whose real name is Shin Youngwoo, serves as the main protagonist of Overgeared. Initially portrayed as weak and unlucky, Grid undergoes significant character development throughout the series. Mercedes Vaintz, a legendary knight in her late twenties, and Basara Ella von Saharan, the Empress of the Overgeared Empire in her forties, are prominent female characters in the series.

Shin Sehee, a former student at Young Ladies High School and a professional gamer, takes on the persona of Ruby in the virtual world of Overgeared. Marie Rose, a vampire and descendant of Beriache, wields immense magical powers, making her one of the most formidable characters in the series. Yura, the successor of the Daejin Group, is a female character who currently serves as Grid's knight at the age of 21.

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