one piece scan 1087 spoiler

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one piece scan 1087 spoiler

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The long-awaited return of One Piece is just around the corner, and fans have been anxiously anticipating this moment. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the series, had to take a break due to his astigmatism, but after a successful surgery, he has been recuperating and is now prepared to make his comeback to Shonen Jump with One Piece Chapter 1087.

Fans have eagerly awaited the next chapter of One Piece and it won't be long before they can immerse themselves in the captivating world of the series once again. The Final Saga is intensifying, and all eyes are on the major factions within the story, particularly the Revolutionary Army.

one piece scan 1087 spoiler

what happen in one piece scan 1087

One Piece Chapter 1087 might continue the storyline from where the previous chapter left off, potentially bringing fans back to Momoiro Island, the current location of the Revolutionary Army. The Revolutionary Army has played a crucial role in the narrative, and it is clear that they will be a significant force in the Final Saga going forward. Recently, Sabo finished recounting the events of the Reverie to Dragon, and now it is up to Dragon to determine their next course of action.

Undoubtedly, the World Government will not remain idle after their homeland was attacked and placed under siege. The Holy Land is facing food shortages due to the blockade, which only adds to the woes of the Celestial Dragons. The God's Knights will soon be mobilized, meaning that the Revolutionary Army must be prepared for war at a moment's notice.

The strength of the God's Knights will greatly influence the challenges that the Revolutionary Army will face. If they prove to be formidable opponents, the Navy may also join the fray against the Revolutionary Army in One Piece Chapter 1087.

Nevertheless, the Revolutionary Army is more than ready to defend themselves against any opposing forces. Dragon has painstakingly assembled a powerful army with the aim of overthrowing the Celestial Dragons, and that is precisely what he intends to accomplish. His own formidable strength, along with the capable Commanders he has gathered, as demonstrated during the Reverie where they clashed with the Admirals, gives them confidence. At present, the Revolutionary Army must focus on making preparations, and perhaps One Piece Chapter 1087 will delve into that particular aspect of the narrative.

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