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Manga One Piece 1087 is scheduled to make its debut on Tuesday, July 11, 2023. According to the Chapter 1087 release schedule, early leaks are anticipated to surface on the morning of Tuesday, July 11, 2023. These leaks are expected to reveal the key events, chapter title, cover image, and written details of Chapter 1087. Following the leaks, the manga chapter will be released unofficially, preceding its official publication in Shonen Jump. Finally, it will be officially published in a few days as part of the 33rd issue of Shonen Jump, as planned.

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one piece scan 1087

Speculation is rife regarding the events of One Piece manga chapter 1087, with expectations of a multitude of significant occurrences. This comes as no surprise, as Oda typically delivers a plethora of story developments in the One Piece manga both before and after his extended breaks. This is highly anticipated by fans of the series, who were treated to a wealth of exciting events in Chapter 1086, released prior to the hiatus. They now eagerly await even more thrilling and captivating moments in Chapter 1087, set to be released following the conclusion of the hiatus.

The flashback featuring Sabo in the Land of the Reef, spanning from chapter 1082 to chapter 1086, has finally reached its conclusion. Throughout these chapters, Oda unveiled a wealth of information about the Jurusei, Imu-sama, the Holy Knights, as well as crucial details about the World Government and the Revolutionary Army. However, the revelations are far from over, with many speculating that Oda will continue to divulge further details about the Jorosi in the upcoming chapters of the One Piece manga.

Upon closer examination of this matter, it becomes evident that Luffy, the protagonist and leader of the Straw Hat Pirates, was last seen on Egg Head Island, where the warrior god of scientific defense, Jurusi Saturn (the possessor of the black hat), is headed along with Admiral Kizaru to assassinate Vegabank and eliminate Luffy's Yonko crew. It goes without saying that this situation will inevitably lead to a fiery clash between Luffy's crew and Jurusi Saturn, marking the first direct combat encounter with a member of the Gorosei.

one piece 1087

how to read one piece 1087

Confirmed leaks from One Piece manga chapter 1087 shed light on the pivotal events that will unfold. Primarily, Chapter 1087 will revolve around the World Government's scheme to strike Egghead Island using Vegabank's newly invented weapon. This development is regarded as the most perilous aspect of the manga chapter, as it will witness the Gorosei making their first appearance on the battlefield. The anticipation among followers is palpable, as they eagerly await the chance to witness the fighting prowess of the Gorosei members. Furthermore, Admiral Kizaru will be accompanied by Gorosei Saturn, heightening the intensity of the impending battle.

Consequently, Luffy and his crew will resurface in One Piece manga chapter 1087. As per the leaks, Yonko Luffy and his crew will join forces with CP Zero (CP0) to counter the impending assault launched by Saint Saturn and Admiral Kizaru. Some leakers speculate that Luffy will manage to escape from Egghead Island before the Navy arrives, thereby averting the anticipated clash between Luffy and the Gorosei.

Reliable leakers of One Piece manga have put forth the notion that Chapter 1087 will provide an explanation for the fate of the tyrant Kuma during the Revolutionary Army's rescue mission at the Holy Land. Observing that Sabu returned alone to the Revolutionary Army headquarters in chapter 1082, without any sign of the tyrant Kuma or the other leaders of the Revolutionary Army who were with him in Marijois.

The World Government's plan to strike Egghead Island with Vegabank's weapon is an event that has captivated viewers' attention and is highly anticipated in Chapter 1087 of the One Piece manga. This event carries significant likelihood, given that the members of the Jurusei conducted a comprehensive survey of Egg Head Island under the orders of Imu-sama. However, they opted to destroy Lulucia Island, situated near Kamabaka Island (Ivankov Island), as a preliminary test of Vegabank's weapon of mass destruction before proceeding to decimate Egghead Island. As for the nature of this weapon, it remains somewhat enigmatic. While many followers believe it to be one of the ancient legendary weapons, there are speculations that Vegabank made certain modifications to it.

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