one piece episode 1070 release date

Guernica intervenes in the battle between Kaido and Luffy in episode 1069, "There is Only One Winner- Luffy vs. Kaido."

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one piece episode 1070 release date

It was an epic episode with some spectacular battles. Raizo ultimately prevailed in his protracted conflict with Fukurokuju. Drake assaulted Guernica, but was unsuccessful.

The combat between Luffy and Kaido was nearly at its climax. Luffy refused to stop punching and proceeded to attack Kaido until his Gear Four failed. However, Guernica had to intervene to thwart the concluding attacks of Kaido and Luffy.

As Luffy is defeated in episode 1070, titled "Luffy Is Defeated?! ", the samurais will lose hope. The Resoluteness of the Left Behind."

Kaido appeared surprised and disheartened by his undeserved victory. He is dissatisfied with how their epic combat concluded, and Guernica will now suffer the repercussions of his interference in order to fulfill his duty.

Kaido will demolish Guernica. The news of Luffy's defeat will stun the Straw Hats and other samurais and pirates to their core. Now, everyone is eagerly awaiting the epic return of Luffy, which will presumably occur in the next episode.

The release date for One Piece episode 1070 is Saturday, July 29, 2023. No episode title or preview has been displayed.

Is One Piece currently on hiatus?
No, One Piece episode 1070 is not on hiatus this week. The episode will be made available as scheduled.

Both Raizo and Fukurokuju continue to stand ablaze. The latter eventually gives up and collapses to the ground. Raizo begins to move and shouts out in agony due to the heat. He attempts but fails to tolerate it.

He emerges victorious from the conflict in the Connecting Hallway. Jinbei discovers him. Raizo solicits a favor from Jinbei. Guernica prepares to ascend the rooftop when Drake abruptly stabs her from behind with a sword.

Guernica initiates a swift counterattack and fires his pistol at Drake. At the Flower Capital, Otama and others take pleasure in the festivity, while Luffy continues to land successive blows on Kaido.

one piece episode 1070

one piece episode 1070 where to watch

He alters his attack but never allows Kaido to rest. He continues to throw strikes at him. Kaido even orders him to halt and begins to act timid, but Luffy refuses.

Kaido becomes solemn and transforms into his dragon form. He attacks Luffy before consuming him. Luffy attempts to escape using his fists. Kaido coughs him out and attacks him with a massive Blast Breath.

The attack is so potent that it launches Luffy from the rooftop, all the way to the ground, and off the island. The island is pierced through by Luffy. However, he recovers and escapes the assault by leaping back onto the rooftop.

Luffy refuses to lose for the sake of Wano's citizens. He attributes the distress of the people to Kaido. Kaido simply labels them as feeble. This infuriates Luffy, who dispatches the dragon form with a potent attack.

Luffy has no more time, so he promptly rushes to attack Kaido once more. Kaido, however, tosses Luffy away with his bagua. Luffy begins to lose his fourth gear, but he persists in using it one last time.

Guernica intervenes and prevents Luffy from throwing a punch as the two approach each other in a final assault. Kaido is stunned by this unexpected interference. His attack hits Luffy, causing him to collapse violently.

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