one piece chapter 1088 spoilers reddit

Garp begins the chapter on the ground, surrounded by Blackbeard's pirates who are holding his companions.

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one piece chapter 1088 spoilers reddit

-Kuzan employs a new move, "Absolute Zero," to entirely freeze Garp to the island, fusing his skin to the island. Garp shrieks in agony

-Shiryu attempts to reach Teach on the Den Den Mushi but is unsuccessful. Kuzan explains to Garp why he shouldn't have come and how he is responsible for everything that is about to occur.

-Suddenly, Van Augur exclaims over the radio that they need assistance immediately because an Admiral has arrived.

-The scene shifts to Winner Island, where everyone is on the ground with the exception of Teach, who is being slashed open. Van Augur exclaims, "No, it's not an's worse!"

-We see Bogard ripping the Gura Gura no Mi out of Teach's stomach; it reads "Bogard D. Goat, Former Vice Captain of the Rocks Pirates"

-Teach collapses unconscious to the ground as Bogard blitzes Van Augur and takes the Den Den Mushi, assuring Garp that everything is okay.

-Garp grins before bursting through the ice and knocking out everyone except Koby and Kuzan. Garp is covered in Armament Haki, similar to Vergo, and is completely black.

-We get a brief glimpse of a bloodied Zoro's slumber being disturbed


one piece chapter 1088 written

-Garp examines Koby, pondering how much strength he is concealing in order to remain conscious.

-Garp's Haki abruptly cracks and turns blue. The body of Kuzan begins to tremble and vanish into thin air. Everything, including human organs, begins to solidify around the island.

-Hundreds of Kuzans encircle Garp while shouting "Ice Army!"

-The chapter concludes with Zoro waking up next to an unconscious Saturn, cleansing his face as he watches an army of Kizarus kick Gear 5th Luffy around Egghead. Zoro raises his hand to attack, but behind him, Kizaru's head appears and whispers, "You're frightening. Light Armies! Zoro is perspiring.

Given the unresolved tension from the previous chapter, it is highly likely that Chapter 1088 will be published. On July 23, 2023, at 11 a.m. Central Daylight Time, One Piece aficionados can anticipate being immersed in the action once more. We ensure that One Piece aficionados in different time zones have access to release date information. Remember this and prepare to immerse yourself in the universe of One Piece!

It is anticipated that One Piece Chapter 1088 will adhere to the series' obvious style and provide a thrilling and engaging experience. As the chapter takes up where an exciting scene left off, readers will likely be on the edge of their seats. With intense combat and heightened tension, the stakes have never been higher.

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