one piece chap 1081 spoiler

In the latest installment of One Piece, Chapter 1080 directs our attention back to the imprisoned Captain Koby, who has managed to break free from his confinement and is wreaking havoc in Fullalead.

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one piece chap 1081 spoiler

Despite his inherently kind nature, Koby cannot bear to leave the other captives behind, so he liberates them as he goes, guiding them to safety. Naturally, the Blackbeard Pirates and their associates refuse to idly watch his escape. They relentlessly pursue him, driven further by the 500-million-Berry bounty placed on Koby by Cross Guild. While fleeing, Koby reflects on the reason behind Blackbeard's capture of him: the Emperor's grand plan to establish Fullalead as a recognized kingdom under the World Government's jurisdiction.

Remarkably, Captain Koby is not without allies in this dire situation. Several of his trusted companions have clandestinely infiltrated Fullalead with the intention of rescuing him. Among the first to disrupt the peace are fellow SWORD members: Kujaku, Hibari, and Prince Grus. Although they manage to cause chaos and panic among Koby's pursuers, their efforts pale in comparison to the heroic intervention of the indomitable Monkey D. Garp.

Once the SWORD members have fulfilled their duties, they signal Garp, who unleashes his might by launching a colossal Marine battleship and descending from it in a powerful display. Even before landing, Garp unleashes an immensely destructive attack known as Galaxy Impact.

Vice Admiral Garp's devastating assault decimates a substantial portion of the town, yet his rampage is far from over. However, just as he is about to continue his onslaught, the battleship hurtles towards the ground.

Prince Grus steps in just in time to cushion its landing, ensuring the safety of its passengers. Garp's surprise attack successfully draws the pirates' ire, yet the vice admiral pays their animosity little mind. In fact, he warns the pirates to remain still unless they desire further punishment. Surprisingly, Garp even laments his diminishing prowess due to old age, a sentiment that the pirates vehemently dispute.

one piece chap 1081

what happen in one piece chap 1081

Amidst the chaos, Koby spots his savior and rushes to greet Garp, who warmly reciprocates the sentiment. Helmeppo, Koby's longtime partner, is overjoyed to see his friend safe and sound.

The other SWORD members also make their presence known. Prince Grus seizes the opportunity to cheekily mock Garp's proclamation of Koby as the future of the Marines. Meanwhile, Hibari hastens to release Koby from his shackles. However, before she can fully report to the vice admiral, she is abruptly frozen solid. As one would expect, this is the handiwork of the former Admiral Aokiji, who informs Koby that he cannot escape in Blackbeard's absence.

Suddenly, a flashback unfolds, shedding light on the aftermath of Kuzan and Akainu's fateful clash. The flashback transports us to a specific island in the New World, where the Blackbeard Pirates had docked. Unfortunately for them, they had unwittingly provoked the wrong individual. Kuzan singlehandedly froze the entire crew, prompting Teach himself to seek out the former admiral and request the reversal of his icy powers. However, Kuzan adamantly refuses to comply, engaging in a conversation with Teach about their unfortunate timing, especially given Kuzan's state of mourning.

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