Neeyat Review | Neeyat Rate

Neeyat serves as Vidya Balan's triumphant return to the silver screen, embodying the quintessential whodunit murder mystery genre.

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Neeyat Review | Neeyat Rate

Boasting a captivating lineup of suspects, including the likes of Niki Walia, Shahana Goswami, Shashank Arora, Prajakta Koli, Rahul Bose, and more, the film centers around CBI officer Mira Rao, portrayed by Vidya Balan, and the deceased individual, portrayed by the talented Ram Kapoor. Under the skillful direction and writing of Anu Menon, Neeyat seamlessly aligns itself with the acclaimed works of Agatha Christie and Rian Johnson's Knives Out series.

The tale unfolds within the walls of the illustrious Highgrave castle, nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Scotland, where a stormy night sets the stage for an intense and suspenseful narrative. Ashish Kapoor, a wealthy and elusive billionaire, descends upon the castle to celebrate his birthday with his closest circle of friends and family, constituting our ensemble of potential culprits. During this gathering, Ashish introduces CBI officer Mira Kapoor and surprising everyone, declares his intention to surrender under her custody. Naturally, this revelation leaves the group in a state of shock, as their financial reliance on the Vijay Mallya-esque billionaire suddenly hangs in the balance.

Tragically, this tense atmosphere takes a grim turn when Ashish is discovered lifeless on the rocks below, triggering a Sherlock Holmes-esque investigation into the enigmatic "who-dun-it." As the night progresses and the storm intensifies, the secrets and motives of each character unravel, culminating in the shocking revelation of the killer's identity. Could it be Ashish's girlfriend, Lisa? The event manager with intimate knowledge? Or perhaps Noor, his former lover?

Despite its tendency to drag at certain points, Neeyat offers a refreshing departure from Vidya Balan's customary bubbly roles, presenting her in a compelling portrayal as the timid and underconfident Mira. The star-studded cast delivers commendable performances, though their potential remains largely untapped due to underutilization.


Neeyat Rate

Regrettably, the writing falls short, failing to sustain the audience's engagement throughout the narrative. Nevertheless, the film's setting immerses viewers in a breathtakingly atmospheric realm, perfectly encapsulating the quintessential allure of fictional worlds. While the story adheres to familiar clichés, with each character fitting into well-worn archetypes, the film manages to leave room for a sequel, teasing audiences with an exhilarating cameo appearance during the closing moments.

Taking a positive perspective, the meticulously crafted set strikes an ideal balance between eerie and fantastical, exuding an otherworldly ambiance straight from the recesses of one's imagination. The accompanying background score lends an additional layer of grandeur to the film's crucial moments, elevating the viewing experience. On the downside, the story's sluggish pace detracts from the suspenseful nature of the thriller genre, providing audiences with an unwelcome test of patience. Furthermore, the writing feels lackluster and foreseeable, failing to deliver authentic and compelling dialogues.

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