my hero academia scan 393 release date

My Hero Academia made a highly anticipated return this week with an extraordinary chapter, undoubtedly the best one yet in the intense battle between Toga and Uraraka. While the action may not be the most prominent aspect, the emotional depth it carries more than compensates for it.

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my hero academia scan 393 release date

Fans have eagerly awaited the climax of this fight, anticipating Horikoshi's masterful execution as he brings closure to the conflict between these two characters. My Hero Academia Chapter 393 delivered exactly that, effectively concluding the Toga vs. Uraraka showdown.

In the previous chapter, fans were treated to a brief flashback focusing on Toga's encounter with Jin, who asked her to choose a villain name. Chapter 393 continued this flashback, revealing Toga's conversation with the members of the League of Villains. The topic at hand appeared to revolve around the concept of villain and hero names. The League members pointed out that both Shigaraki and Toga were the only ones without villain names, suggesting that Toga should choose one. However, she adamantly expressed her disinterest in adopting a name. Toga had fled her previous life because she desired to live authentically, and assuming a false identity would contradict that purpose entirely.

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Shigaraki shared a similar belief, emphasizing that the idea of hero and villain names arose to preserve the secret identities of these individuals. Ironically, this concept essentially brought comic books to life. Prior to the adoption of names, distinguishing between individuals with Quirks as heroes or villains was impossible. However, when the idea of taking on names emerged, both heroes and villains wholeheartedly embraced it.

Nevertheless, Toga firmly decided that she did not want a name, finding solace in the fact that Shigaraki also wished to live true to himself. She firmly believed that the League of Villains was the rightful place for her. Toga's deep affection for her time with the League of Villains is evident, as she cherishes every member. The absence of many of them, however, fuels both her anger and her unwavering conviction.

In My Hero Academia Chapter 393, all of Toga's memories fuel her unbridled rage. She relentlessly launches one powerful attack after another at Uraraka, who was already injured in the previous chapter and now finds herself on her last legs. Despite her weakened state, Uraraka continues to fight and attempts to reach the depths of Toga's heart. However, Toga perceives this as pity. With that perception, she unleashes her most formidable attack, known as Sad Man's Legion.

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