Love Island Season 10 Episode 37 review

Ever since Love Island made its debut, I have been an avid viewer. Going all the way back to 2015, when the contestants were chain-smoking and had no inkling of the fame that awaited them.

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Love Island Season 10 Episode 37 review

By conventional standards, Love Island has never been a "good" show. It doesn't cater to high-brow tastes, it lacks moral integrity, and it's certainly not the first of its kind. And yet, it possesses an elusive secret ingredient, a tantalizing addictiveness, a certain magic.

Controversy has always swirled around Love Island, and there have been genuinely heart-wrenching moments both on and off the show. But it has also brought us joy and entertained us summer after summer.

In recent times, however, the show seemed to lose its spark. If I had to pinpoint the beginning of this decline, it was the Winter edition in 2020. Tragically, Caroline Flack, the presenter of Love Island, took her own life at the start of that year. Instead of uniting fans in grief, I believe the creators made one misstep after another, leaving us with a hollow version of the beloved ITV series.

There's one thing the producers never seemed to grasp: it's possible to protect the contestants, have a diverse and inclusive cast, and still make Love Island... well, entertaining. It's not rocket science! Yet the realm of reality TV often makes it seem like we're asking for the impossible, when in reality, we're just asking for the basics.

Love Island Season 10 Episode 37

how to watch Love Island Season 10 Episode 37

We're only two weeks into season 10, so I'm well aware that many things could still go wrong from this point onward. However, as it stands, season 10 feels like a return to the show's glory days. And a significant part of this success can be attributed to Maya Jama. She proved her talent as a presenter during the Winter 2023 version (not that any of us ever doubted her), but let's face it, the winter version has always been subpar, so it felt like a waste of her charisma. The summer version, on the other hand, is a perfect match. Maya effortlessly creates a warm rapport with the contestants and seamlessly integrates into the dynamics. It's something Caroline was always a pro at doing as well.

Nevertheless, the true stars of season 10 are the contestants themselves. Like many others, I had stopped religiously following Love Island in recent years, merely catching an episode here and there. It had lost its grip on me. However, last week, I decided to give it another chance because I believe in forgiveness. Instantly, both I and other viewers were charmed by the cast.

One Twitter user remarked, "I really like this cast so far. They seem cool and normal #LoveIsland," while another commented that "this is one of the most genuine Love Island casts in recent years." Other fans chimed in, saying, "This cast is so likeable, it's actually refreshing to see the friendships forming between the girls and boys after only three days," and "after multiple lackluster seasons, this season is simply incredible and redeeming. The drama is back! The cast is exceptional! It's mind-blowing..."

The drama is aplenty, but the women exude a sense of control. Their strong personalities and no-nonsense attitudes are refreshing. It feels like they're on the show to find love, not solely to secure a fast-fashion sponsorship deal. Perhaps the decline in Love Island's popularity has had an unexpected positive impact: it's no longer seen as a "smart" career move to join the show, which has attracted a more authentic lineup.

From Jess to Molly, Ella to Catherine, the female contestants are brimming with intelligence, drama, humor, and fearlessness. Personally, I'm delighted to see the Love Island producers allow them to shine as their true selves.

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