love island latest news , spoilers

Even though new Love Island bombshells Ella Barnes and Josh Brocklebank have only just arrived, they already face a monumental dilemma.

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love island latest news , spoilers

On Friday's episode, Ella B and Josh will have to choose two islanders to pair off with, leaving two others unattached.

During the show, an unexpected text message jolts the villa as all Islanders are asked to urgently gather around the fire pit.

"Ella B and Josh, as you are both single, it is time to steal an Islander of your choosing," the message reads. You may pair up with a lad and a girl of your choosing."

As Ella B and Josh's decisions are disclosed around the fire pit, a boy and a girl become single, and one of the newly single islanders is not pleased with the outcome.

Viewers will have to watch the episode to find out who they choose, but it appears Ella B has her sights set on Tyrique Hyde, with whom she has a history.

Prior to entering the villa, Ella B stated that she could sway Ty's affections due to their "history," and on Thursday's episode, she disclosed to Josh that they had previously kissed.

love island spoilers

love island spoilers

When she reunited with Ty, she told him she liked him and that she knew he liked her, adding that a "Battle of the Ellas" was possible.

And in a preview for Friday's episode, Ella Thomas is seen confronting her about these remarks, asking, "First of all, babe, I get it, you came in for yourself and you need to talk to everyone, but why is my name even in your mouth when you're talking about yourself...?"You are attempting to instill doubt in his consciousness."

Then Ella B responded, "Babe, clearly we will converse. I have known him for so long..."

Ella T responded, "Do you darling, come in on your own energy, you don't need to mention other Ella, there will never be a fight. I would never compete with a woman for a male, so battle talk does not pertain to me. Leave it out."

Ella B also went on a date with Mitchel Taylor, which went extremely well, with Mitch consenting to get to know her despite being in a relationship with Abi; therefore, she may be leaning more toward Mitch.

Meanwhile, Josh entered with a single-minded focus on Jess Harding. But, after she informed him that she and Sammy Root are off the market, could he take the safe route and pair up with Amber Wise, who is in a platonic relationship with Scott van der Sluis and with whom he had a conversation by the pool?

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